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Assault Android Cactus Released on PlayStation 4

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  • Assault Android Cactus Released on PlayStation 4

    Assault Android Cactus is now available for the PlayStation 4.
    BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND - March 8, 2016 - Assault Android Cactus, the action-packed arcade-style twin stick shooter by Witch Beam is now available for PlayStation 4.
    Assault Android Cactus replaces the traditional life counter with a battery system, which rewards an aggressive style of play. The characters' batteries constantly drain throughout a level, and if a battery is fully drained, the player's android will shut down completely. The only way to stay charged is by destroying the malfunctioning robots and collecting their battery packs.

    The story follows Junior Constable Cactus: an intergalactic police android on a mission to reclaim the Genki Star, a stranded space freighter under attack by its own robot workers. Aboard the Genki Star, it's up to Cactus and her battery powered friends to defeat the hordes of robots and five massive bosses before their power runs out!

    Each of the nine playable android heroines has their own character-specific primary weapon with infinite ammo and a more powerful special weapon with a cool down timer.

    Game Features

    Please keep in mind that we will have a review up for Assault Android Cactus some time this week.