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Fist of the North Star Collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons

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  • Fist of the North Star Collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons

    GungHo Online Entertainment announced that First of the North Star returns in a collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons.
    Running today to Dec. 6, casual and hardcore Puzzle & Dragons players may join the generals of the Five Stars of Nanto to challenge a Fist of The North Star-themed dungeon. Players can also acquire new TAMADRAs inspired by series favorites, Kenshiro, Yuria, and Toki, each suitable for use in improving a Fist of the North Star character.
    This collaboration will also include new Ultimate Evolutions for previous characters, including Hokuto Shinken's Successor, Kenshiro and The Greatest Enemy, Raoh, along with stat improvements for Raoh, Rei, and Gentle Fist Master, Toki. The Fist of the North Star Egg Machine now features a total of 13 characters, including new addition Yuria. Fans will also be able to acquire Yuria via the Monster Purchase store for 250,000 points. The Dungeon features four difficulty levels - Intermediate, Expert, Master, and Conqueror.
    Details on additions for the crossover:

    New Fist of the North Star Egg Machine Characters: New Ultimate Evolutions: New TAMADRAs:

    You can download Puzzle & Dragons for iOS, Android, or the Amazon Appstore.