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The Cat Machine is Now Available on Steam

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  • The Cat Machine is Now Available on Steam

    Meow. Cranktrain's very own Matt Luard passed along word to me this evening that The Cat Machine is now available on Steam. It's a game that has puzzle solving and cats that ride around on trains. Suddenly the title makes a lot more sense.
    The Cat Machine is a game of logic, and also cats. Cats riding around on Trains. As we are all aware, the stability of planet earth's orbit around the sun is maintained by an enormous and very secret underground machine. A machine where cats of various colours ride around on trains, as cats have done since time immemorial.

    Without this secret mechanism, the earth would undoubtedly fold in on itself, probably with a rather satisfying popping noise, but also with the unpleasant side-effect of then ceasing to exist.

    The Cat Machine places you in charge of designing that contraption.

    The game has over 50 levels, lots of cats, and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Check out the trailer and some screenshots below.