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Peter Molyneux Vows to Never Speak to the Press Again Following Godus Disaster

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  • Peter Molyneux Vows to Never Speak to the Press Again Following Godus Disaster

    Godus has failed to deliver on a number of fronts for developer 22Cans. It has failed to deliver on gameplay mechanics promised in their Kickstarter. It has failed to deliver to the winner of Curiosity. As such, Peter Molyneux has rightfully come under fire for yet again failing to deliver on many of his promises and claims.

    In an interview with The Guardian, Molyneux mentions how he will no longer be speaking with the press.
    Peter Molyneux has admitted regret and culpability; he was clearly in distress throughout the interview – an interview he told us would will be his last. An hour before publication, however, we discovered that he had spoken to the gaming news site Rock, Paper, Shotgun the day before, and had given their interviewer the same impression – that he would no longer be speaking to the press (that interview is now online). He has also spoken to at least one other site, seemingly on the same afternoon as our discussion. Another trail of broken assurances.

    “I think people are just sick of hearing from me,” he says in one disarmingly dark moment. “They’ve been sick of hearing from me for so many years now. You know, we’re done.”

    In case you missed it in the above quote, Molyneux did have another interview later in the same day as the interview with The Guardian. Will Molyneux really stop talking with the press?

    Probably not.