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AGDQ 2015 Speedrunning Marathon Underway - Donate to Prevent Cancer

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  • AGDQ 2015 Speedrunning Marathon Underway - Donate to Prevent Cancer

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, otherwise known as AGDQ 2015 (or #AGDQ2015), kicked off just a short time ago today. As always, this event will span about a full week and aims to raise both money and awareness for charity. This year's charity is the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

    Now, there are multiple ways you can help out.
    1. You can either donate directly through the GDQ website.
    2. You can pick up a special AGDQ 2015 Humble Bundle, so you donate and get some fun games.
    3. You can pick up an AGDQ 2015 shirt from The Yetee where $3 from every purchase of the shirt goes towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation on behalf of AGDQ.
    4. You can pick up some decals and stickers from Something Artistic, where $2 from every decal purchased will go towards charity.
    5. I believe there is a similar deal going on at Tiny Build but due to high traffic, I am unable to get the site to load properly to find out for sure.

    As always, you can check out the past, current, and upcoming list of games for AGDQ thanks to this constantly updated schedule page. You can also keep an eye on donation totals, donors, donation prizes, and upcoming bid wars at the AGDQ tracker page.

    You can watch through the Games Done Quick website, which offers up easy links to the various donation options and multiple ways to chat, or you can watch through Twitch directly.