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Storm Island Expansion Now Available for Forza Horizon 2

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  • Storm Island Expansion Now Available for Forza Horizon 2

    The Storm Island expansion for Forza Horizon 2 is now available through Xbox Live. The expansion is $20 (USD) if you aren't a VIP owner. If you are a VIP owner, you get a 50% discount making the expansion "just" $10.

    Dangerous Beauty
    This expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 features a new location to explore, the mysterious and foreboding Storm Island. This is a land of gorgeous variety and monumental challenge, with sudden and dramatic terrain changes that push players and their cars to the limit. Storm Island also features the most severe weather conditions ever seen in a Forza game, including fierce tropical storms and thick fog that will add an entirely new level of challenge. On Storm Island, the weather and the world combine to present players with extreme adventure every time they get behind the wheel.

    Storm Island has been built with the Forza Horizon 2 engine and infused with brand new technology that showcases the beauty of the world. New features like swaying trees in extreme windstorms and the rays of the sun cutting through thick fog bring the adventure and splendor of Storm Island to life in ways players have never experienced before.

    Action-Packed FunThe Adventure Never Stops