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There's Going to be a Tetris Movie

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  • There's Going to be a Tetris Movie

    I will repeat that headline for you as I'm sure you didn't believe it the first time: There is going to be a Tetris movie. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Tetris Company is teaming up with Threshold Entertainment to create a live-action film (really?) based off of the classic game.

    This is going to be a movie. This. Right here. This game.

    Kasanoff is based known for bringing the original Mortal Kombat franchise to the big screen.

    The last game to be adopted into a film was, what, Battleship? That movie was terrible but at least it had something that could be made into a film. With Tetris, you literally just have falling shapes clearing out rows of other shapes. That is literally it.

    I had to actually check the date that the WSJ posted this to make sure I wasn't looking at an old April Fool's joke. I wasn't. This is real. I just cannot even wrap my mind around this.