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Twitch Implements Content ID Detection and Controls for Audio

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  • Twitch Implements Content ID Detection and Controls for Audio

    We knew it was bound to happen, especially with the rumors going around about Google buying them out, but Twitch has now implemented a content ID match system to detected unauthorized use of third-party audio.

    Oh boy.
    What Is Audio Recognition?

    So what happens with this new system? Will your videos be removed? Will these third parties add their own ads to your recorded stream like they do on YouTube?
    How It Works: Scanning VODs Only
    Audio Recognition will only be run against audio in VODs. We are not scanning live broadcasts and there is no automated takedown of live content.

    Flagged Content will display an on-screen notification informing viewers that content owned or controlled by a third-party has been identified. The progress bar will also be red for the duration of the muted section.

    Please note that Audio Recognition is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. It may return false positives or miss content from copyright owners who do not work with Audible Magic. If you wish to include music in your VODs, please remember that you are responsible for clearing all such rights (this includes ambient music that may be playing in the background while you are broadcasting).

    What happens then if your video on demand gets flagged and you think it was wrongfully flagged? Well, you get to enjoy the terrible system known as an appeal!

    Have any questions about this? Get ready for the Twitch AMA on Reddit that is slated to happen on Thursday, August 7 at 10:30AM (PT).

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