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Play Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer for Free Next Week Plus Free Map Pack is Coming

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  • Play Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer for Free Next Week Plus Free Map Pack is Coming

    Starting March 3, every PlayStation 4 owner will be able to play the multiplayer component for the game at no additional charge for one week. Typically, you would need to have a PlayStation Plus membership plus owning the game to play the game online on the PlayStation 4.

    Why? Well, next week will also see the release of a free map pack is slated to be released on March 4. Plus, special Warzones will be set up to play the new maps until your heart is content.

    The free week begins on March 3 at 5PM (PT) and will not require PlayStation+ nor ownership of the game itself. The free map pack arrives on March 4 for all players. Those in Europe can begin to pre-load the game now in preparation for the 4th. North and South America will get to download the client on the 4th itself.
    KILLZONE SHADOW FALL multiplayer has been going from strength to strength since its launch, with hundreds of improvements and constant balancing. There have been many new exciting developments including Clans, the First Killzone Invitational tournament, new Weekend Challenges, New Warzone options, expanded Personalisation options, and much more.

    As we gear up for our first FREE map update, all Playstation 4 players will be able to download and play KILLZONETM SHADOW FALL multiplayer for a week, beginning 5PM PST on the 3rd of March.

    If you have not yet played one of the finest multiplayer shooters on the PS4, download it now from the Playstation Store.

    That’s not all -- for this free multiplayer access week, we are prepping special Warzones for you to play the just the new maps, and compete on global leaderboards for Capture and Team Deathmatch game modes. All clans, including trial players, will be eligible for prizes in the Clan Community Challenge. There will be Warzones for those that enjoy the up close and personal touch of smaller skirmishes as well as those of you who want the epic scale of 24 player games. Additionally, our top players will be streaming Clan Battles; you can find the link to the streams in-game.

    Keep an eye out on the Playstation Blog for more exciting news on KILLZONE when the Free Access Week begins!

    Players begin downloading immediately and start playing as soon as the servers go live on the 4th. Pre-loading is possible immediately in Europe and the client will be available in North & South America on the 4th. See you in game!