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PlanetSide 2 Released Second Major Optimization Patch and Auraximas

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  • PlanetSide 2 Released Second Major Optimization Patch and Auraximas

    Double dose of great PlanetSide 2 news for you today. First up is word that the second phase of "Operation: Make Faster Game" (OMFG) was rolled out. This optimization patch includes further improvements to the game's physics systems and a revamped Esamir. The full list of those changes are below.

    In addition to this, the holiday inspired Auraximas is in full swing in the game. This Winter event includes giveaways, holiday inspired items, sales in the game's marketplace, and more. This event runs from now until January 8, 2014. Take out some snowmen for easy XP and for the "Snowblower" title by taking out 10 or more.

    Special holiday themed items are also available. Some of these include "the Deep Freeze snowball gun and Player Studio snowflake camos, frosty hood ornaments and stocking decals."

    Changelog for PlanetSide 2's PU02 update for December 17, 2013

    Significant changes have been made to infantry and vehicle balance. These changes are listed in the last sections of the patch notes and are over 10,000 words.

    - Over the next few weeks you may come across some snowmen scattered across the frozen wasteland of Esamir. These jolly and harmless fellows can be blown up for a nice chunk of XP, and, if you can light up enough of them you may earn a special reward. Also, keep your eye out for a rare blinged out Golden Snowman who gives a very exclusive reward. If you see one, make sure you get it before your squadmates do!
    - Nanite Systems has been hard at work on a new pistol. Get a silver medal with it and you will unlock a special title.
    - In addition to new holiday camos and decals, from the 18th of December through the 1st of January we will be having some huge sales in game.
    - Each day during those two weeks a new category in the marketplace (such as "shotguns" or "helmets") will be on sale for 50% off. In addition all Items of the Day items will be 99SC regardless of their original cost, and Members Only Item of the Day items will be 1SC, so make sure you log in every day and don't miss out on anything good!
    - Make sure to give your enemies the gift of C4 this holiday season!

    - Fixed camo coverage on several infantry weapons
    - Razor fins attachment will no longer appear washed out at night
    - Camo coverage and LOD adjustments to several vehicle attachments
    - VS infantry weapons now have more camo coverage
    - Weapon camos will no longer be applied to all the weapons in the slot; they will apply to just the one selected
    - Increased the intensity of camo to 100% and added more coverage on MAX weapons
    - Lowered the cert point cost of some optics on starting weapons to let new characters customize their weapon earlier.

    - Tank mines should explode more reliably when activated by vehicles
    - Fixed an issue where the Liberator could bypass the Biodome geometry and kill players inside
    - VS Mine guard is no longer displaying confusing allegiances (NC colors)
    - Horn of Liberty should now properly unlock account wide
    - Decals should display correctly on scythes
    - Hood ornaments should now display when used in combination with bumpers
    - Cockpit glass should all be fixed now

    - Fixed an issue with Spawn Beacon animation
    - Improved iron sights animations
    - Engineers using turrets should now have more accurate animations
    - Revive animations should play more reliably
    - Fixed an issue where landing gear on flying vehicles would end up in the wrong position

    Misc:Standard Spawn Options:
    - Increased standard spawn options to include:
    -- Nearest Small outpost by lattice links
    -- Nearest Large outpost by lattice links
    - This should alleviate situations where pilots and others are downed more than one region away from a friendly territory and are stuck with no good spawn options. This change will offer the nearest small outpost and nearest large outpost in addition to the nearest major facility that is already available. This should allow those players to either join the nearest front or fall back to spawn another vehicle at a larger facility. Please note that the distance is by lattice-links, not as the crow flies.
    - You can now deploy at any warpgate regardless of your current continent.

    Squad Leader Indicators:
    - Functionality for a squad leader to mark a cap point has been added. This will add arrows to the objective indicator on the HUD that your squadmates can see. Hold the spot button down (q by default) to bring up the quick menu while targeting a capture point to set the indicator.
    - Squad leaders no longer have to cert into the ability to set a primary squad target using the Q menu (QAM)
    - Players who previously purchased the Squad Objectives certification from the squad leadership certifications tree will be refunded the 30 CP cost

    - Capture point capture progress bars should now update every .5 seconds instead of every 2 seconds
    - Objectives are now clamped to the edge of the screen
    - You will now receive a notification whenever you unlock a title
    - When turning off your UI the overhead icons will once again hide
    - Enable VSync whether windowed or fullscreen mode
    - Continent map should load faster the first time you open it every game session
    - Commissioner variants should no longer appear in the Certs menus
    - Added some functionality to sort by name and rank on several social screens in the UI
    - Map searching will no longer produce double results after swapping characters
    - Addressed an issue where Sunderer icons could display in bad locations

    - Warpgate rotation
    - Freyr Amp Station update. We've added multiple cap points to the Freyr Amp Station. Each cap point is tied to a nearby spawn room. By reducing the reliance on Sunderers for spawning, this should facilitate some fierce infantry battles at Freyr.
    - Adjusted Biolab pain fields to follow capture status correctly
    - VR Training zone minimap should no longer appear as black occasionally
    - VR Training zone should no longer have black terrain