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European Half-Life 3 Trademark is Allegedly Fake

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  • European Half-Life 3 Trademark is Allegedly Fake

    The news we recently had up (well, we did prior to the script kiddie shenanigans) about the trademark filing for Half-Life 3 is allegedly not true. Valvetime discovered that the trademark that was filed with the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM) has been removed.

    It was listed for only about a week before being removed. However, the weird thing now is that a listing for Portal 3 has gone up just two days ago on October 2. Granted, this filing should also be believed as much as the last filing was. It is, much like the Half-Life 3 filing, probably the work of people playing a hoax or those trying to get a jump on the trademark ahead of Valve.

    Though the trademark filings are more than likely a red herring, what isn't a red herring are the Jira entries that was accidentally made public the same day as the fake Half-Life 3 filing. These entries show that 46 developers are assigned to Half-Life 3. There was no Portal 3 listed in the Jira entries, which is another indicator that this Portal 2 filing is also fake.

    (via Valvetime)