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Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

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    Re: Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

    Try this:
    Start > run > type in "dxdiag"
    Hit the Sound Tab and set your Sound Acceleration to "Basic".

    I remember i had the exact same problem a while ago, I managed to fix it somehow, can't seem to remember how. I'm pretty sure this was it though.


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      Re: Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

      Yes well the weird thing is that, it freezes but you can still hear a faint sound... So ill try that.. Cheers GameWizard


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        Re: Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

        Ok, well i changed the sound.. And i decided to play Singleplayer as i havent actually ever played it.. SO i grabbed the MOD so you can play with 64 Players and i was playing for about 20mins, flying planes everything.. so i said to myself "Wow this sound thing worked" So i go sign into a Multiplayer server and 5 seconds later.. FREEZE.. Lol, Problem is deffentaly punkbuster...DEFFENTALY


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          Re: Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

          Any ideas anyone? I tried the PB update. Didn't seem to help though.. *weep*


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            Re: Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

            I only had a problem on punkbuster servers. However, I needed to update my SATA drivers through device manager - update driver. This did not occur when I updated the M/B drivers.

            Here is an extract from the punkbuster technical support:
            - if you have a SATA controller - see below

            As a nForce4 user you should make sure you have up-to-date nForce drivers installed (the original drivers for nForce4 are known to cause problems). Do not forget to first uninstall the old drivers!


            SiS 96x Chipset + SATA:
            If you have this chipset, please install the following driver:

            Silicon Image Sil 3x12A SATA RAID:
            Installing this driver will fix the issue. Note that it is just for RAID controller.

            SATA controller:
            Check what SATA controller was built into your system. Check on the controller manufacturers website for updated drivers (especially WHQL drivers).
            If none was found check the chipset manufacturers website for such a driver, after that check the mainboards manufacturers website.
            If no success at all these places do the following:
            Delete the driver in the device manager. Let windows find the driver and let it search for a capable driver at "windows update". It should find a WHQL certified driver now. That should work.

            I hope this works for everyone else!


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              Re: Ingame Freezing after 5 secs-5 mins

              Lol.. I already posted that, and yes updating my Nforce4 Worked for me