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MD5TOOL mismatch?

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  • MD5TOOL mismatch?

    Ive tried a search and didnt get anything.....

    For some reason on 2 servers im getting kicked for MD5Tool Mismatch?

    After a brief search it mentions it being something todo with a ***** crack, or public server crack Which im not even using for this game due to how emo punkbuster is lately with anything...

    The error im getting is

    MD5Tool Mismatch: BF2142.exe (len=2048)

    Which occurs after ive been in the server for 20 mins or so....

    I am still running the exe which I originally used the vista 3gb enabler fix for?

    Im running zonealarm pro, could this been a communication error?

    All I get is a 5 min kick from the server?

    It isnt critical just highly annoying as one of my knife targets frequents a server that does this and I got kicked when I was just about to knife him

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    Do u have Daemon tools installed? I got those errors(ingame and when i booted my pc) beacuse of that.


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      Nope dont have that installed, It just seems odd its only been a couple of servers Ive been on out of 100s...

      It isnt essential as I got who I was after but Ive put this up here just incase theres people having problems with it as punkbuster has a habit as of late of kicking for just about anything in this game, Friends of mine had the same prob with Quake4 and there was no explanation....


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        My friend had that. He said it mostly happened when he had a high ping. He fixed it by reinstalling

        If you don't wanna reinstall, check if Zonealarm is blocking PB somehow, and turn off Game Mode, heard it causes problems


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          Daemon tools makes my games run better?


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            Originally posted by Sys.Op.
            Daemon tools makes my games run better?
            Nope i wouldn't say that. For me Daemon tools has caused these MD5tool problems so i wouldn't say it makes them run better. It just makes them run without cd...


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              It's the 3GB vista fix that is causing this. There is nothing you can do unless you remove the 3GB fix and play with the ORIGINAL exe file.

              I will probably soon be releasing a new set of pb config files with the 3gb vista fix included.