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  • Weapons you feel GOOD using

    Now list your favorite weapons, because you think they're a challenge, fun to use, bring back good memories, whatever

    1. Gunships, specifically dogfights with them, are always enjoyable. Those things are so nimble and fun to fly and a fight is usually more a stuntshow as the two maneuver into position for a good shot.
    2. Clark, nothing like running around OHKing people in a titan bay. :evil:
    3. Herzog, all the fun of the Clark, but without anyone knowing you're not using your rifle.
    4. Smoke grenades, they make me loller and are typically good for at least a "wtf?" from the enemy. Reminds of a time I was in a squad where we all spammed smoke grenades, they're quite useful when there's 6 of them, rofl.
    5. Pistols, you could knife them but pistols are more humiliating IMO, especially when used right in front of your enemy.

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      Sniper. head shoting people when they are running is fun.
      pistols are fun.


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        Isn't this kinda like this old topic I made before?

        Anyway, about time we had a new one.

        For me, whatever kills in one shot. Knife, Sniper Headshot, Shotgun, Tank Shell, etc.


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          RDX Shotty.

          Takes some skill to drop the blobs where you want em. They don't do a lot of damage so if yiour killed by it your really not paying attention Especially like blasting snipers out from the safety of their towers. Killing all the occupants of a FAV is fun also.


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            Clark, Sniper, Pistol, and knife (When I see the tags appear, I have to smile :P)


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                1) Clark
                2) Baur
                3) Lambert



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                  The basic sniper is pretty fun to get headshots with and I like running around with my trusty knife. Also used the Bianchi/Shuko a lot when I was ranking up.


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                    I feel good using:
                    Air-transport: This vehicle is underestimated, so people don't always look at it as a threat. I can even take out gunships with it!
                    Baur: Obviously
                    Clark: Boom, he didn't stand a chance


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                      Dropping a frag at your feet when your getting chased and killing the guy chasing you feels good.

                      Also gotta say podding someone always puts a smile on my face.


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                        1. Baur
                        2. Knife
                        3. Pilum


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                          Hmm, the weapon i enjoy using most would have to be the shuko or bianchi, closely followed by the assault weapons. Vehicle wise i enjoy using the transport, strike was correct in saying it is under estimated. It can be used to win titan matches by delivering soldiers to every silo and to help pummel the titan shields, also if you get two good gunners you can take out gunships with the thing.


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                            Park 52


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                              Most fun?

                              Hmm, this is a bit low, but OK...

                              You need a server where baseraping is allowed, and where the titans are static,
                              then put motions mines by the vehicles at the enemy base, then launchpod up to the titan.

                              Crawl over to the front by the hangar, and pilum a gunship as soon as it takes off. The guy will bail. Start nading him/shooting him from the titan, and he will probably run into a vehicle, whence your motion mines will take him out.

                              I've done it a few times now, and every time it's HUGELY satisfying. My last victim was ragestorm, one of the UK's best gunship pilots.

                              Just before I pilumed him, he was saying over teamspeak "Forces... Where are you...".