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    Originally posted by Timmmmmy View Post
    ^BTW that's how it works.(team trigger off, FF=on)
    Yes, that's how it works now. When this game first came out, like BF2, if TK was on, so was team trigger. I got so many Claymore TKs in BF2 I lost count. I never understood team trigger, I think that was the only game I ever played that had that. But, if TK is off, then your own team mates won't die by your own APM, mine, etc explosions. Which is exactly why these RDX bunny hoppers can do what they do.
    My suggestion is that all explosives be TK on all the time. That would stop them.


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      Yeah, the game was horrid when it first came out. For all its bugs now; its a load better compared to the game we got first when we bought it. I still think that we kinda got ripped off for being the exact opposite of paid beta testers.