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    My tips for titan corridors. IF your ppl wont nade spam, then hide behind the opening. the enemy runs in and looks towards the console. then, blast them. another tip is when defending, stay near the console as it gives you more time to shoot. my last tip. go outside of a corridor thats being attacked and usually there will be 5 guys there and they wont see you.


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    Trust me, if no one on your team is nade spamming, they are RDX and/or APM spamming, titan gun whoring or have every entrence of the titan covered by a support with a sentry and shield. Man i really hate the way the titan was designed.


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      Heres a few tips... though they seem rather obvious.

      Always kill consoles 1-2 first, then go for 3-4. If the defenders get a foothold on 1-2, it can be a nightmare to figure out how to get in there. Conversely 3-4 are pretty easy to chuck grenades down without having to get yourself inside the corridor. I have actually managed to blow a console without having to set foot inside of the corridor by going support (or having someone drop supplies) and lobbing grenades into the hall.

      If you don't like doing all the work of getting into a corridor to start blowing the console - only to run out of ammo, go support and use the RDX shotgun on the consoles. Get into the corridor, throw an IDS to watch your back, set up a sentry gun right around the console to watch your front, drop a supply box right next to you, and hit the console 12 times with the RDX clark, and you've got one dead console. The RDX shotty is pretty useless for everything else... but makes quick work of consoles and cores, has a decent rate of fire, and reloads/resupplies quickly.

      The RDX shotty also comes in handy for titan defending when you have stubborn vent attacker/campers. As opposed to throwing a grenade into one of the openings (and half the time having it bounce back at your feet, because you threw it off balance while dodging AR fire) the RDX shotty sticks to the walls and detonates with a semi-decent splash damage. It isn't as powerful as a grenade, but a lot less risky, and it stays where you "put" it.

      If you have the misfortune of having all your consoles blown and you're trying to defend the core, instead of running into the core from the back (and into the APM/sentry gun nightmare that is usually waiting for you, pod out to the back of your titan and go in from the bottom deck doors. Again, if you are support (and you have the unlocks) run in between the cargo boxes and the ramps and throw an IDS on the metal deck grate that is overhead - it's pretty close to the exact middle of the titan and will show you where ALL the enemys are. Run up to the upper level and run to the back/middle part of that space in between the 2 ramps and set up a Sentry there. Most enemies will come into the cargo bay and not even bother looking behind them as they run up to the (poorly defended) core - and get shot in the back. Proceed to the core and kill them from "behind".

      Rather than camp out in the core if the aforementioned consoles are all blown, I tend to camp out in the hallway for console 3-4. Most enemies run right to the core, focusing all their grenades/ AR rockets on the core room before they get there. While they are focused on that, shoot them in the side.

      Remember when defending a titan that is being attacked by a less than determined attacker... Displace and move around (unless you are intent on camping in a hallway). Once you kill an attacker, he will come back and know where to find you. Just like sniping in this game, if you move around to different locations, you become that much harder to find (assuming you're not on candid UAV or IDS)... keep them guessing where you are and you will keep them off a roll.

      Bet you can't tell I'm a support freak can you?

      Update... :yay: :yay: :yay: Just got titan destruction gold by using the RDX shotgun/IDS/Sentry method listed above. The key for me was the fact that the RDX shotty rate of fire/explosions happened frequently enough that I got the credit, even though there were 5 other people shooting the core at that time. The consoles were rather easy - noone was there to attack OR defend... but once the CoreDoor was blown, the party arrived.


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        Nice tips there Joe, i too like going support on the titan being defending or attacking, its a good kit to use, sometimes i carry the emp nades to take out any pesky sentrys guarding corridors but i am liking the idea of the RDX shotty now, didnt realise it would take out the core too!! nice.


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          One final tip on the RDX shotty vs. titan core... It seems to do more damage to the base or metal part of the core... while all the bullet firing weapons seem to do more damage when firing at the glass/glowing tube part of the core.

          It seems like I can actually see the damage indicator on the enemy titan icon drop while shooting it with the RDX shotty.


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            Good job, thanks for the tips.


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              I used to be all about support for defending but recently I have been able to hold consoles 1 or 2 against entire squads by myself with just the recon kit. Usually I put 1 mine just behind the first hallway frame, my other mine behind the next one, and then RDX eiher right outside the console window if FF is on, right at the console if it's off. I can't count the number of times a squad runs in, the first guy eats a mine, his buddy thinks its clear and dies by the next mine, and then either the remainder of the squad, or the revived guys and their squad huddle around the console only to be blown up all at once. Whip out the carbine and take out any stragglers and you easily get your titan defend pin. Only downside is unless you have a support buddy nearby you're really screwed if another wave of them comes. Usually I try to conserve some RDX so I can make a last stand if more come before I get resupplied, but unless the titan is being attacked en masse ususally it takes at least a minute until that squad is ready for another attack run, and by that time they are much more cautious, so you can usualyl spam some grenades down the hall and get them.

              On the flipside I agree that if defenders are set up in corridors 1 or 2 its almost impossible to attack them. I have yet to find a way other then rushing in with like 6 guys or more and lots of grenades. I agree that the titan was kind of poorly designed in that its insanely easy to defend with just a handful of guys. Anyone know of a good strategy to attack corridors 1 and 2 other then bum rush or just try and bank grenades?


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                the only real way to attack corridors 1 and 2 is about ten ppl .


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                  Good tips. Now heres my little trick that seems to make the other team do a little 'wtf?' moment. BTW this isn't a titan corridor tip, but its relevant to its attack, so just bear with me, you might want to try it...

                  When the enemy titan shield is about to go down, cruise on over in an apc and launch onto it (yes while the shield is still up). You can land on the risin up spots on the titan where the AA guns are. This puts you on top of their titan, while their shields are still up. I like to set up a spawn beacon and then I can have my squad there right when the shield goes down. Then you just enter the titan your favorite way and slam 'em hard and fast. You can get in about 2 or 3 consoles before anyone can get in there with you.

                  Oh you ask whats the advantage? Why not just sit in the APC and wait for the shield to go down? In my experience (not a whole lot though to be honest) I get blown up in the APC cause a guy in a chopper noticed something just kinda sitting next to the titan. When on top, they won't look for you, cause the shields aren't down yet. And everyone knows you can't land on a titan with shields still up...


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                    lol, nice tip blueman... all I can say about corridor attack/defense is timing is everything


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                      I dont know if anyone knows this but you can kill anyone defending the 1-2 corridors by following the line of the wall outside the corridor up the ramp and place RDX along the wall-line and blow it, this has happened to me and it killed everyone defending @ that time in the 1 corridor. The splash damage from the RDX blast seems to hit you with devastating effect, the 1st time the enemy did this i lost over half my health, then the 2nd i was dead!! It was on a FF off server too! dont know if thats why it happens??


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                        for titan defence the LMG is still godlike, easy, and satisfying, and you wont be thought of as a n00b.

                        attacking a corridor can sometime sbe as easy and a park 52, (titan defenders can be suprprisingly bad players occasionally) or even camo and a lambert (i ran past 4 defenders once, and killed em all rambo style)

                        theres almost always a pattern in grenade spam, find it, and use the gap to throw some of your own nades back.

                        using a team mate to blow a APM/RDX is a great way to lure out recons with low situational awareness.


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                          once in a while i see i recon go camo and try to get past. but... he ran . we you run with camo you are more visible then crouching or prone. besides a good defending way is to go near the console in corridor 1 or 2 and use the voss or baur and pk rockets. i got titan defender pins that way.


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                            I knew that RDX had a big big splash damage, but never knew through titan walls, I'll have to test that one out lol!


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                              Originally posted by Bluman
                              I knew that RDX had a big big splash damage, but never knew through titan walls, I'll have to test that one out lol!
                              Yup i aint tested it for myself yet but it sure worked on me whilst defending the num 1 corridor! GRrrrr, was a clan that was doing the RDX outside + a support supplying him, wish i took screenies now but just took me by surprise like! lol:shakehead::dead: