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This games crap

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  • This games crap

    Haven't played all through SP yet, it's too lame. The multiplayer is just as bad imo. The sniper rifles are not only weak but there's bullet travel time and drop at 100-200 yards? really?? SV98 shoots at 2000-3000 fps and I'm getting bullet lag at 200?? lawl. I'm not asking the game to be "realistic" because in no way is it even close to that but damn, recon class is just pathetic. If they are so hell bent on deterring people from playing it why not just remove it all together?

    The rockets in this game are just ludicrous, with perks an engineer gets like 10 rockets? wtf where they smoking? now every close quarter map is one big explosive mess.

    No one drops ammo.

    The hit detection is exactly the same if not worse then bc2 was, I'm consistently getting headshots with no reward and then when I do get a hit marker and blood on the head a lot of the time they just walk it off.

    People being able to spawn in jets and helis... LAME

    the looong ass wait between maps... LAME

    Origin.... LAME (though it's better than steam)

    Also whats with the sudden loss of players? Today I jump on to find only 3-4 populated servers, I have no filters on and my games up to date..

    The graphics are nice but don't seem to justify the games insane requirements and terrible frame rates..

    Given how fkin awesome bf2 was this game is just pathetic..

    inb4 a bunch of butthurt BF fanboys *points at captain crunch*

    Also wtf was up with the plane mission in sp??? When I got uptop the carrier and saw the plane and all the intense graphics i was amped, but I didn't get to fly the fkin thing.. Just LAME!!! it's something call of duty would do.

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    Re: This games crap

    I've never seen someone be so completely wrong on almost every point (the only true one was the lack of ammo drops) in one post in all my life.


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      Re: This games crap

      \_/ <--- The amount of care your input contributed to my cup.

      The game, overall is a let down and you all know it.


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        Re: This games crap

        That's nice. If you're going to be a moron about it, then you don't have a thread to cry in anymore.