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Call of Duty Elite is LIVE

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  • Call of Duty Elite is LIVE

    I know that PC users are shafted, but I registered with my LIVE account just so I could go in and play around a bit (during the BETA). Anyways, check it out, link it to your Facebook (or whatever) and well do nothing since PC is not supported day one. They are still not talking about Premium for PC and believe it is completely cancelled, alot of the Activision twitter feeds kept mentioning that pricing for PC has not yet been announced, makes me think they are still trying to figure out how to milk PC players. If we can get Premium before the first DLC comes out I might still pull the trigger, got to many friends split between MW3 and BF3, but if it doesn't come out until after the first DLC with the little note about no discount for having bought the first DLC, its a no go.

    EDIT: Its slow going, but I finally managed to get in only to be met with the no multiplayer data screen, looks like I'll have to go on a friends Console and just play a round of getting slaughtered because I can't use a controller worth...

    EDIT2: I went to check my profile and any mention of PC has been removed, including the "coming soon...", not a good sign.

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    Re: Call of Duty Elite is LIVE

    Go figure...

    Get this too, PC Gamer was sent an Xbox 360 copy of the game for review purposes from Activision, thus delaying their review.