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$60 PC games unacceptable

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      Re: $60 PC games unacceptable

      Originally posted by Stryker
      I'm not surprised BF3 went to $60 because it's a multiplat game, however, I won't pay $60 because if you do enough research online you'll find the right price im just saying that it's becoming more common for PC game prices to be $60 and when PS4 + Xbox 720 come out I heard game prices will hit $70 and I wonder if PC will follow as well.

      @Spikey There is not a single game right now on PC you can't pirate and play, it's pretty crazy. No DRM, or key # has been able to stop pirating and as of right now it's unstoppable.
      Pirating is even more rampanton console; it may be easier to get for PC; but current games ask for PC hardware that your run of the mill pirate just won't have; pirating for console is much much much cheaper.

      The industry as a whole, including movies and music in this, have always neglected the fact that people pirate for two reasons: You can bypass the DRM controls by pirating, effectively giving you a better experience than buying the original releases. And two: you get stuff that is not released in your region for whatever reason.

      It's been proven time adn again (specially with anime) that most people is not against paying for stuff; but is against paying either a high price for something perceived as costing less (evident in old series mostly) or not in the desired format.

      At any rate: gaming pirates, either on console or PC are people that wouldn't have bought the original game and are only using the cost as an excuse, these are NOT costumers and never will be; they are not "lost" sales; they are non sales.

      Look at MW2 and black ops; they got pirated like all hell and still managed to be the best selling FPS of their respective time periods; they turned a profit no matter how many ways Kotick tries to spin the pirated copies as "losses". When you sell 5 plus millions of copies at 60 bucks each; you end up with TONS of money. And if they broke even because of aggressive publicity campaigns; their fault, you can't seriously believe an ad campaign should cost more than the actual game develoment.

      That said; it's not a matter of platform, it's a matter of what is offered as a product. I would never buy another CoD at 60 bucks since they are not even bothering with advancing their game engine; it's basically copy pasta. I wouldn't buy a BC2 expansion like BC2vietnam at more than 40 bucks (wich it isn't) because it's a mod.

      I would however, buy BF3 at 60 bucks even on PC because I consider the specific game to be worth 60 bucks and I am sure it will be fun for around 5 months before the nerfs change the game completely, but will still last me a coupl eof years of more or less unending fun. (with a lot of game rage dosed on every match)

      I am actively boycotting Activision games, not because of CoD; but because of Guitar Hero shenanigans and the way SC2 was handled; I am also currently not buying any DLC from Capcom until they stop locking "DLC" on installation discs. Funny thing, if I so desired, I could pirate either the xbox or ps3 version and get all the "DLC" for free, but that's not the point.

      Used games resale hurt developers more than pirating ever will; at least with pirating no one really makes any money besides the original publisher and developer; while trading in games does take money away from them. A pirated copy was not going to be sold in the first place anyways.


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        Re: $60 PC games unacceptable

        I wait until ALL games drop in price to about 39.99 then i buy them. Screw paying 59.99 for any game!


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          Re: $60 PC games unacceptable

          most of these high prices are only to have visible impact of 50% price reduction while returning same money like in old times w/o any discount