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R7 Client & R10 Server Changelist.

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    Re: R7 Client & R10 Server Changelist.

    that's great, is the fav servers has been fixed ? (no more greyed locked servers)

    And what about the friend list? Are the people beyond the scrollable zone are joinable?


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      Re: R7 Client & R10 Server Changelist.

      Originally posted by IcemanNorth
      Picture of the new browser

      It even displays reserved slots now with parenthesis of the number of slots after the total slot number.

      Example: 16/30 (2)

      The picture has an example.
      the problem with reserved slots before was that it prevented anyone from entering that is not the person who its reserved for.
      if it has 2 reserved slots and the server browser shows 30/32, then it will always say the game is FULL when it's really not.
      don't know why they changed how reserved slots work from 2/2142 because it causes a lot of confusion and frustration searching for servers in the browser.