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    Re: Explosive+Sniper=Fail

    Originally posted by Lordsethonan
    I think it's more about the glorification sniper marksmen get in fiction. The cool, serene soldier that stays awake for days, waiting for his mark to show up and then BOOM! HEADSHOT! when a more realistic protrayal would be two poor guys enduring wind and rain, sand, not eating, ****ting in their pants if need be to remain hidden and unconspicious, only for their mark to appear and get the order "don't shoot" and back track all the way to a pick up zone.
    I blame Saving Private Ryan for the most cool on film sniper I have ever seen, aside from Vasili from Enemy at the Gates. Watch those pictures in tandem and tell me you won't want to come play a sniper and be cool like them. It helps if you completely sidetrack the character from saving private ryan and start ranting non sensical passages that sound religious or biblical "Guide my hands lord, as I free this server from the noobies, thank you almighty for the low ranks that come out of cover with their backs facing me, let your will be done and get the pwn going. I fear not the ban hammer cos your is the only justice..."
    Suffice to say, the only way the nazis could deal with that guy was using a bigger sniper rifle: a tank.
    Very nice post and I think you may be more "on target" than not. I have never been a fan of the sniper/recon class in any BF game. I don't like the non-team player. I am also not a big fan of being killed by something I really can't do anything about. I know there is a rock/scissors/paper system and that's fine. But even on the infantry level. being able to shoot enemies fairly far away and your usually defense to that is to hide, doesn't make for a fun game.