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Coolest thing you've ever done while playing

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  • Coolest thing you've ever done while playing

    I was playing earlier to day and I got a two head shots with one bullet. It inspired me to come up with this question.

    Also a while back i was playing, saw a guy on a lower level jump window and knifed him while I was in the air.

    If you got a SS of it or something post it. Mine happened so fast couldn't get one.

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    3 for 1 kill.. .50 cal.. Headshots..

    dam I wish I took a SS of that... err...


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      Too many to count. Something random and hilarious seems to happen every night.

      -Random spam 'nade toward enemy spawn in S&D nets 3 kills.

      -Head shot through a wall. (Fluke)

      -Shoot down 3 guys in the room with the HQ only to find out all three had Martyrdom.

      -Falling down the steam vent on Countdown while you were flashed and then wondering how you killed yourself and completed a challenge at the same time.

      It's stupid stuff like this that I love playing for.


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        5 kills off of a martyrdom grenade, gotta love spawning with a free airstrike


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          .50 cal. + P-90, the most fun overkill combo in the world.

          Oh, and I killed the same guy 9 times in a single game. Snipers need to learn how to relocate...


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            Kill 2 guys in a round with one M14 shot to the head on a hardcore mode server one night.


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              Ive had a lot of funny/cool moments.

              The latest one was I was playing shipment that was CRAZY ( I think they all are) and I was killed. I had a grenade thrown at me. I picked it up and threw it back, which set off claymores another guy planted. The grenade killed the thrower and the claymores killed the planter giving me both "hot potato" and "Chain reaction" challenges

              Twitter: @CptainCrunch
              Battlelog/Origin: CptainCrunch


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                3 vs me, all were attacking/rushing me, I backed around a corner , instead of turning to run with my empty clip i sprint , caught all three reloading and knifed them all, glorious.


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                  Mine happened just last night. It was Domination on Countdown, and I was at lvl 52, needing a fair bit of pts to get up to 53. I got lucky with a couple of good kill-streaks, then near the end, managed to snag both an airstrike (while a UAV was going so I could see where the enemy was), and a chopper in quick succession...

                  Well, I completed level 3 of my M14 challenge (150 kills), the airstrike killed more than 5 at once to complete the Carpet Bomb challenge, and the chopper racked up a bunch of kills quickly as well...thus triggering a whole bunch of on-screen messages and sound fx like rapid fire, and finally putting me over the top and giving me the promotion!

                  I typed a message in the global chat that went something like this:

                  "I'd like to thank all those players on the enemy team for dying so quickly to give me my promotion! =)"

                  And got a bunch of "lol"-type messages in response. :laugh: Was the highlight of my night.


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                    Two guys with one knife slice... it was funny.


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                      Drank a couple of beers.



                      • #12
                        Most recent funny moment for me happened today when i was playing on countdown, enemy was running towards the missle vent, i unloaded to his back with my RPD, and watched diving head first to the vent...


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                          I do things usual mortals consider "absurdly cool" on a minute by minute basis.

                          /exec reality.cfg

                          But really, today I jumped off a balcony towards an enemy directly below me. I over jumped a bit so I stare back at the guy who is still oblivious to me, and I press my knife attack button, and LUNGE at the guy while still in mid air and kill him. Yes. I have a jetpack unlock that no one knows about. I felt like a total action hero.


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                            Completed 3 challenges and got an airstrike with one .50 cal shot through a wall.

                            C4 ftw


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                              killing 9 guys with one cooked grenade who were all chanting because we couldn't kill them.

                              unfortunately they then all kicked me from the server