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  • Bios...

    Ok, i'm sure you have heard of going onto your bios to increase the "AGP Aperture" size?

    Well, i tried to do this many times and failed. I think there might be a problem with my computer going onto bios, because whenever i try to get on it (it says press "F2" to get onto bios on my cpu), it just freezes/goes black and i don't know why.

    Is there a way to get onto your bios from the desktop or something? because it doesn't seem to want to let me on when the computer starts up.

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    that's really not good. lol. have u tried other buttons like F1 or Del.
    u could also try updating ur bios from ur motherboard's website.

    but if u just want to get teh AGP aperature size....i think u could try this. not sure if it will work but its worth a shot.

    download Rivatuner
    open rivatunr
    you should see two customize w/ triangle buttons. click the bottom one.
    then go to the Direct3D settings (icon withthe big green X) and then go to textures tab
    then under Texture memory settings, i think that mite be the agp aperture size. and u can change that

    then close out of the D3D settings and do the same thing with the OpenGL icon


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      If all else fails, you could pull your CMOS battery and reset the BIOS. I assume you have an AGP card?


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        sorry, i'm not too "with" the lingo here, what is a CMOS battery?

        And will it mess my computer up totally?


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          Your CMOS battery is the quarter-sized silver battery on the motherboard. It supplies power to the BIOS to retain settings while the computer is unplugged/off. By removing it, it will revert the BIOS to its factory-default settings, eliminating your custom settings.

          Why are you trying to change your AGP aperture size?


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            it helps with gaming performance. (reserves system ram for video ram so it helps with games that uses alot of textures etc)