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    If I could fill all 20 slots with the nub toob, Id say GO FOR IT! :yay:

    Maybe 1 more slot. I like the idea of when ranked a certain level you erase the default ones.

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      Originally posted by The_Eliminator View Post
      you say make things too easy, but surely that would only unbalance itself if one person had it over everyone else who still had only 5 slots to choose from.
      That is a good point, if everyone could do it then it wouldent be a bad thing to have.


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        I wish you could get a total of 8 custom kits or at least be able to add attachments to the default kit guns.


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          I just want more slots, atm i can only afford to have 2 AR slots, one loud, one quiet, 2 SMG slots, one loud, 1 quiet and my sniper slot, meaning that all the other guns i have unlocked go to waste.


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            It's not balance from player to player. It's balance within the game itself. If you had a separate class for each weapon or two per weapon, then you could easily switch what you're using and you would hardly have to think as much about weapon/perk combos. The limit of five makes you decide that you don't want this but you want that. You have to compare weapon statistics to see which is more better instead of choosing 'x' out of 20 or so slots because the game type is different, map, etc. changed.

            And you're the one making yourself have two slots per weapon class. You have to make a sacrifice if you want to use other weapons.


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              Originally posted by The_Eliminator
              you say make things too easy, but surely that would only unbalance itself if one person had it over everyone else who still had only 5 slots to choose from.
              Originally posted by Arid
              That is a good point, if everyone could do it then it wouldent be a bad thing to have.
              So your saying if everyone has something, it is fair. If everyone had a nuclear bomb at their disposal, yea sure it would be "balanced" but stupid.
              I think having 20 load outs is a bit too far 5 seems good. I hate to refer to an RPG but in Guild Wars you had a load out, but if someone could counter that load out then you had to try and adapt, you couldn't just change every time someone counters you. In a way setting up the classes is similar to an RPG, it's like your actually setting up your soldier for battle, but if someone can counter your class, then it is unfair to just be able to counter his automatically. If your being owned because someones class counters yours. eg Sniper owning you and you gotz an SMG, then adapt and flank. I think you see my point here.


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                Originally posted by The_Eliminator View Post
                Am i the only one finding myself in a tight situation when it coems to having only 5 slots for the create a class?

                I want to take different approaches with different guns in some maps to make my pattern random and not have people figure me out but i find with only 5 customizable slots its hard to do so.

                especially considering we cant customize during a round at least give us more slots so we can choose from a wider range instead of the 5 we have.

                It would be much better to give us 20 slots and have that wide variety.

                What do you think?

                Good idea.

                I think we should be able to have the five customizable slots, and the 5 defaults classes, so bassically we should be aloud 10 I think.

                I can't seem to balance my five kits, and make one good for each situation.


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                  Yea maybe 7 though, that would be good, or just as someone else mentioned being able to edit the default kits


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                    I'd also like to point out that no matter how many slots they gave you, this thread would still be here. Some people would think it was too many, and others would say not enough.

                    One thing I like to do is decide on a weapon I want to play that day, and then make 3-4 classes that revolve around it. Like the day I wanted to use the AK-47, I made up:

                    AK-47 w/ noob tube
                    Sonic Boom

                    AK-47 w/ Red Dot
                    3x Flash
                    Stopping Power
                    Steady Aim

                    AK-47 w/ Silencer
                    UAV Jammer
                    Extreme Conditioning

                    Having to use a less then optimal class load out in any given situation also requires more skill and encourages you to adapt your play style. I was playing Domination one night as a sniper. Vacant came up in the rotation. I could have left the server, but I decided to "make it work" instead. I wasn't run & gunning around inside like everyone else, I was lurking outside the whole time, picking off people trying to flank the chaos.


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                      just give me 1 slot maybe two. thats all i need to kick anyones ***

                      20 slots?? wtf??

                      how the hell could someone need that many


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                        i dont NEED that many, but i want that many so that i dont have to keep creating classes everytime i want to change my style.

                        Its annoying having to come out of a map and create a new class, its hard enough joining server with room here in Aus to allow the time to exit from a server.