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Knife and pistols servers now legal?

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    Just avoid the servers and stand down the titan shoot and knife them when they come down


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      Originally posted by Rugerdog View Post
      I only visited a k/p server once in my bf career (back in bf2) and I got temp banned within 5 minutes for taking cover behind a rock and sniping with my pistol. Old habits die hard.
      My only experience with a K/P server in BF2 was accidental- I didn;t actually look at the server name, I did it by ping and map, so I went in assuming it wwas a normal server. I then hopped into the MEC tank and proceeded to dominate, all the while wondering why people were shooting at a tank with pistols!


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        I joined a sniper only server once. The name was "Sniper Maps", so I assumed that meant they were only running maps that were good for sniping on... Until I saw the loading screen message :|:

        Before the BFRoC was put up, I prided myself in saying that I was perma banned from every North American Knife/Pistol server. APC Roadkills FTW!


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          ea will never ligitimise them because they love their broken stat system too much