I finally had a chance to sit down and play some of the big 2.0.0 update for Destiny today. Among the numerous changes is the fact that Nolan North is now the voice of your Ghost, replacing Peter Dinklage.

Whatever you may think of the gameplay in Destiny, there is no denying that one of the game's biggest weaknesses is with the story and writing. People seem to believe that writing and acting are directly tied together in games. That's not really the case. You could have a game with brilliant writing and abysmal performances by the actors that bring it down to a level of a game that has terrible writing and Oscar worthy performances. Destiny really seemed to fail on both fronts, at least when it came to Dinklage's Ghost. The writing for the Ghost was horrific and Dinklage's performance often felt as though it were phoned in.

Whether or not that is a fault of Dinklage himself or with the direction he was given isn't really known. However, seeing how Dinklage isn't normally a terrible actor, it could be safe to assume that the problem mainly sat with the direction and the writing itself.

With that said...

Many believed that Nolan North and his usually stellar performance would swoop in to save the day for Destiny, it's story, and the little Ghost. The reality of the situation is far from what most people had hoped it would be. To his credit, North does seem to inject a bit more personality into the performance, something that Dinklage's performance lacked. Lines that are not necessarily directly tied to the story are also a bit more in line with what you would hope a Bungie created bot would sound and act like.

Of course this means that the new Nolan based Ghost will remind you an awful lot of Guilty Spark's voice from the Halo franchise. That's a good thing, for the most part. I mean, the little flying robot sounds like a familiar robot now at least. The lines are delivered well. If anything, Nolan's work makes the Ghost sound almost too chipper at times and not quite tonally correct for what is happening on screen.

As I, and most people had expected, the script still sucks. As they say, you cannot polish a turd and the writing in Destiny is most certainly of the turd variety. The new voice acting does take some getting used to and it does help in some situations, but the story is still pretty bad and there's simply no saving that unless Bungie completely rewrote the script from scratch (again). Bungie had all of this tremendous acting talent lending their voices to Destiny and most of it was almost completely wasted.

Who knows, maybe Destiny: The Taken King will have a great script to go along with North's more passionate voice acting. I doubt I'll find out personally, at least not any time soon as I am not planning on picking up The Taken King at or near launch. That asking price still feels a bit too much for my liking. Instead, I am going to put my limited funds towards a game where Nolan North's performance isn't lessened by poor writing and direction: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.