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  • Changes Coming to PUBG Matchmaking

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    Changes Coming to PUBG Matchmaking

    Faster, more fair matches.

    A new post on Steam outlines PUBG Corp.'s plans to improve matchmaking in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The gist of it is that they plan on creating a more fair playing field with this updated matchmaking system, while also attempting to reduce the wait times in certain regions.

    Daegon Kim from PUBG's Matchmaking System Development Team provides a very lengthy and comprehensive explanation as to what the team hopes to accomplish with some of these changes. A shortened form of the post can be read below. If you'd like to see more details about...
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  • Fix PUBG Campaign Begins Today

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    Fix PUBG Campaign Begins Today

    Late last night, the PUBG Corporation announced their FIX PUBG campaign. As you may have already figured by the name, this is a new initiative from the development team to focus hard on, well, fixing PUBG.

    The announcement was made last night via Steam in response to the flood of "fix the game" remarks that players like to spam, that among other things.
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  • PUBG Corp Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games and Fortnite

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    PUBG Corp Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games and Fortnite

    As fast as the PUBG lawsuit came so it went. PUBG Corp. has apparently dropped their lawsuit against Epic Games and the Fortnite Battle Royale game. Bloomberg notes that the lawsuit, which began in January and I could have sworn I put up a news post about, has been withdrawn from the South Korean court system in which it was originally placed. Neither PUBG nor their legal representation have issued a statement as to why the lawsuit was withdrawn but I would assume it was because they realized just how silly that lawsuit actually is. Epic also did not issue any statement about this new development. As Bloomberg con...
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