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  • Gaming's Biggest Disappointments 2018

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    Gaming's Biggest Disappointments 2018

    2018 sure was a long decade. Let us forego the boring introduction and just get into gaming's biggest disappointments of 2018. The games seen here are only games that I played, with the exception of one of them. I am sure there are other terrible games, but I probably did not play them.

    The Quiet Man
    The Quiet Man is just straight up trash with no redeeming qualities. This game has quickly taken the title of "the worst game I have ever played in my life."...
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  • Bungie Throws in the Towel on Niobe Labs, Will Unlock Bergusia Forge in Destiny 2 Later Today for Everyone

    Yesterday, a Destiny 2 update included a new head scratching puzzle. Solving this puzzle would open up the fourth and final Forge in the Black Armory DLC for everyone to hop into and enjoy. The problem is, Bungie maybe made the puzzles a bit too difficult as they have not yet been solved and the forge has not yet been unlocked.

    The puzzle centers around a new area called Niobe Labs. In this new area, players unlock various levels and encounters by solving puzzles. These puzzles...
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  • Destiny 2 Black Armory Weapons Trailer

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    Destiny 2 Black Armory Weapons Trailer

    Bungie released a new trailer showing off some of the weapons coming with tomorrow's release of Black Armory. Black Armory is the first release of the latest Annual Pass for Destiny 2.

    This new content begins its release tomorrow, December 4, across all platforms. Don't forget to check out the "Road Ahead" for Destiny 2 to get a look at what's to come in the months ahead....
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  • Bungie Details "The Road Ahead" for Destiny 2 Black Armory Expansion and Beyond

    Today, Bungie released an updated roadmap and ViDoc that focuses on the all-new content that is coming to Destiny 2 in the months ahead. This content contains a mix of free content and the content for those with the latest Annual Pass.

    The roadmap can be seen above. A bit of a better breakdown of the content release dates for Black Armory can be found below along with the ViDoc itself.
    In the coming weeks, Annual Pass holders are in for a series of firsts. Beginning December
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