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21st Century Warfare to be Broadcasted

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  • 21st Century Warfare to be Broadcasted


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        LOL OWNED


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          Originally posted by MonkeyPL
          BF2: $49.99
          Internet Connection: $69.99
          Gaming Rig: $2500

          Having a tactical battle with no smacktarding: Priceless
          For everything else there’s a pubby server for true tactical team working environment there’s only

          Guys and Gals come check us out. If you enjoy teamwork tactics 21cw is the place for you. Meet a bunch of great people who enjoy what you enjoy and that is fighting as a unit. I have been with 21cw for some odd number of years and there isn’t a better place then this.
          You forgot two monkey 21cw is also friendly and you can make many friends even if they from the opposite division or from your sister division.


          Mini fridge: $600


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            I met over 400+ people and made over 200 friends within a year


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              Yeah,the people you meet in 21cw are outstanding people.


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                it went good hope you all watch it and see yeehaw kill all of the 15aa at the beginning


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                  Great cast 21cw & E-REV.TV!



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                    It was a great battle that really showcased the strategy and teamwork in 21CW.

                    I've been in 21CW since BF2 launched and I can honestly say that this tournament is how the game was meant to be played. You have battlefield commanders that constantly update their troops with intel and orders, company leaders that make (usually, lol) good tactical plans, and a highly skilled group of players that follow orders and get the job done.

                    And of course, you get to know players from all over the world, and even some that are in your own backyard!


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                          Those where some intense fights. Was fun matching wits with you boys in the 15th. It truly showed our way of combat. For instance that second round I put a UAV over Gangway and had a pucker factor, had to scramble the boys to redirect because of the 10 + raining on that flag. You all came in Halo'in two which ended up awesome on the TV cast.

                          I look forward to our fight this weekend boys and the next rev cast as well.

                          One thing that out does anything else at 21CW is the community. All the guys from every division are good guys and women that love to play hardcore full tilt combat. We have people on the opposite team that we will whisper to and just have a great time BS'in with each other on what is going on in the battle. But anytime something happens or someone needs help the whole of the community steps up and make sure that they get what is needed.

                          It has been an honor serving among all of you whether shooting with ya or against ya.


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                            Guess I'll put my 2cents in here.I just joined 21CW this campaign but I can honestly tell you it makes playing BF2 fun again.No smacktards tking for vehicles and to win it takes a total team effort.Also like everyone else has said you meet alot of great people from all over the world.If you're thinking of joining a trny you should honestly give this one a try,you won't be sorry.


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                              Heck, if you're thinking of playing BF2 at all you should try 21st Century Warfare.

                              Like the guys above have said - no f-tards, no TKs for vehicles, no "trying to get something done but nobody's there to help". It's not a tourney that has forfeits, stacked teams, or no dedicated servers. It's a custom-Mod tourney with custom maps, comitted Admins, reliable servers, a friendly community and a lot of fun. And it's FREE.

                              I for one am not a great player, but the Divisions help everyone get better, and have a spot for soldiers of any caliber to play.

                              One single guy isn't going to win the round, or lose it. If you're an uber-bomber pilot, it won't mean jack if you and your Division aren't pulling towards the same goal and working in unison. Your opposing Division will suck up the deaths and still beat your side.

                              But if you can get your air working with your armour working with the ground-pounders... it's awesome to see how unstoppable that combination can be. And then you run into an opposing Division who can hand it right back to you... and that's all of 'em by the way...