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    While Activision wasn't actually at Penny Arcade Expo 09, they did however host a private party at the Grand Hyatt on the 3rd for press to get a good look at the early development of three of it's new games; Tony Hawk: Ride; Blur; and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. As it turns out, our very own staff writer Dairuka was lucky enough to be invited for a first hand look. Make sure to check it out!
    I must say, I've always wanted to play Mario Kart in a game with real race cars on a track that isn't cartoonish. Personally I expected Nintendo to be the one to deliver on this fantasy, but I am not disappointed in the least to learn that Activision's sub-division Bizarre Creations has managed to pull it off in a frantic and fluid way that Nintendo could only dream of pulling off.

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    <i>Shunt's are well known to Rugby fans as a hard push. In blur, it's more like an explosive blast.</i></center>

    There have been many comparisons made to describe this game. Some said it was akin to Twisted Metal, some referred to Mario Kart, some even said it reminded them of Gran Turismo and Forza. I personally think it's an intricate mixture of all of the above in a seamless and extremely addicting manner that is sure to hook casual racers and racing fanatics alike.

    Beginning with an introduction to the single player, I was impressed with the sheer amount of real-world vehicles thrown into the fray from tuner cars, to some of the strangest vehicles ever to grace a serious racing game. (VW Beetle) In fact, I've been told that up to 50 different vehicles will be included in Blur, a very impressive feat to say the least.

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    <i>Balls to blue shells. I prefer dropping the equivalent of nukes on my enemies any day.</i></center>

    Single player gameplay seems to toss out the classic lead-you-by-the-nose storybook plotline, instead pushing you through the game with invitations from people you've raced, and people you've met in between races. During races you can pick up additional fans based on feats you pull off during each race, such as hitting multiple cars with a power-up, or doing spectacular jumps through the seemingly non-linear race tracks.

    Of course, Blur doesn't really pick up until you try your hand at it's impressive multi-player. Blur offers both a four player split screen for gaming parties, and an online mode which allows you to race up to 19 other players on a single race track. As you can imagine, races can really crowd up, especially as players all struggle, drift, nitro and blast their way to the front of the pack, with your rear exhaust being used as a bullseye. This leads to a ridiculous and insane race, jam-packed with fun, where only the truly skillful can survive the front of the pack - because everybody will be gunning for you.

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    <i>In Blur, real life cars are introduced to players with breathtaking realism.</i></center>

    Luckily, unlike Mario Kart, there are no red or blue shells. Every power up is based on a physics engine forcing each player to aim their attacks with precision, rather than rely on an I-Win button to overtake the lead. Racers are also equipped with a shield that deflects attacks with proper timing, but warnings are far and few, and they come so quickly that even the best players won't be able to stop every attack being sent their way. Trust me when I say this, if you're leading, the attacks will be insurmountable. Blur is definitely one game that racing fans won't want to miss, and it's well on it's way to becoming a party-favorite much like Goldeneye 007 was for the N64.

    Fans can expect Blur to come out for the Playstation 3, X-box 360 and PC sometime this November.

    ~~ Dairuka Sutain

    For more information on Blur, please be sure to visit the official website found here.