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    In our quest to bring you a different outlook on the gaming news, industry, and this network itself, the TGN staff are proud to present the next entry in our "From the Editors' Desks" series of writings.

    This entry is brought to us courtesy of Webs961, the Assistant Director of the Total Gaming Network and arguably TGN's #1 fan. Do you wonder what TGN will do next or what is being discussed upstairs? Plan to gain some insight from Webs' chatter:
    Build it (read: Write it), and they will come.

    The TGN Administration are, of course, always looking for ways to further entertain our userbase. But, while trying to entertain all of you we try to entertain ourselves.

    Lately, some of the staff have been wondering what we get done every day around this site, and when asked, I don't really have a good answer. Sure, we get news written and people appreciate that, but when have we (the staff) ever really spoken our minds in any sort of official format? In writing these two paragraphs up to this point (had this been an actual article or news post), at least three or four journalistic rules have been broken -- and we like it that way. After all, this is meant to be a community-based, community-driven site. But, if we have only the mainstream news to feed discussion, how far will we go?

    Anyone in the staff can tell you about my little note to them all regarding our performance on recent TPS Reports, and it certainly isn't Lumbergian (or fit for external publication). It is time for a new direction. Not necessarily a new beginning, but a rebirth. Not necessarily a new direction, but a spin on the old with an injection of new, fresh thought and ideas.
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    Plan to see more editorials coming soon and be sure to keep an eye on the From the Editors' Desks page for more updates.

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    Re: All in Good Time

    It's the only way your going to draw a higher population in and the much needed fresh blood. Good to see you folks taking this path and good luck with it!