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21st Century Warfare Continues the Fight

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  • 21st Century Warfare Continues the Fight

    After a break during the holiday season, the cease fire is over and 21st Century Warfare is back in action:
    SINAI CITY - After a two week long ceasefire over the winter holidays, the 4th Tank Army and 3rd Marine Division are posed once again to meet on the virtual battlefield. General Chillumbaba and his 4th Tank Army are on the move again, his forces quickly approaching Sinai City, the Sinai Territory capital. Over the past few days both armies have established bases on the outside of the city as pamphlets and speakers of propoganda from both armys have warned the citizens of the impending conflict and told them to evacuate immediately. So far numerous contained skirmishes have broken out, however they have not led to much. The city is on the brink of war as both sides are preparing for an all out battle. With full out fighting expected in the following week, both sides have reinforcements at the ready, and full training is under way for new recruits. Sinai City, once a bustling city of 45,000, is now empty, and a dark silence broods over the area, as the few remaining citizens await the battle. Will the 4th Tank Army recover from previous losses after a rejuvenating break? Has the ceasefire given them a chance to reorganize? Or will the 3rd Marine Division rear its mighty forces and quell the attack on Sinai? Only time will tell...
    Join us at 21st Century Warfare today to experience some of the most intense and teamwork oriented battles on the Internet. With a custom mod specialized in balance, here at 21CW we pit army versus army against each other every week on a new map. Throughout the week, the armies will spend hours practicing and learning their map, to see it pay off in the 12 hour Saturday showdown.

    We have some great additions to our mod:
    • Balanced attack helicopters with AA missiles and an automatic 14 shot Hydra Missile rack
    • Balanced fighter jets with 2 lock-on Air to Air missiles, and 4 dumb-fire style fast traveling A2A missiles
    • Apache and Havoc helicopters
    • Two fulls sets of equipment, with custom kit load-outs, customizable each map
    • Hand Held stinger launchers, with fast traveling dumb-fire AA missiles.
    • Littlebird and EC transport helicopters
    • Littlebird and EC attack helicopters
    • M-109 Shell Mortar to deliver devastating blows to infantry and tank alike
    • MLRS and BM-21 Multiple Rocket Launchers, to quickly and efficiently clear flags for coordinated strikes
    • Heat and Sabot rounds in all of our Main Battle Tanks

    Tired of Hackers? Tired of grenade and claymore spam? Tired of those lone wolf players who want nothing more then a positive K/D? Join us for teamwork and battles you will never forget!

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    Re: 21st Century Warfare continues the fight

    the mod just gets better and better. can't wait to fight this weekend


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      Re: 21st Century Warfare continues the fight

      Going to be a helluva battle this weekend can't wait for it.Hope some of you guys give us a try soon.