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TGN Reviews Sam & Max Season One

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  • TGN Reviews Sam & Max Season One

    TGN has been sent a copy of Sam & Max Season One from The Adventure Company to review. Though it starts off a little slow, this is one title to keep an eye on this holiday season. Check it out:
    The Wii has a library of games aimed at the casual audience unlike any other system. Unfortunately for Nintendo's white box, these often turn out to be gimmicky titles with very little to offer. Sam & Max Season One proves that even if a game appears to be aimed at the casual gamer, it can still pack a punch.

    Sam & Max is one of those games that feels like it belongs on Wii. Actually, most point-and-click adventures probably would, but this one shines brightly. Taking full advantage of the Wii's pointer capabilities to interact with everything on screen feels very good. Do not worry if you have yet to buy the Nunchuk controller as it is not required.

    The full review can be found here. Feel free to leave your comments in this thread.