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TGN Podcast Episode #25 Released - Dominos Bit*h

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  • TGN Podcast Episode #25 Released - Dominos Bit*h

    The latest episode of the Total Gaming Network Podcast has been released today. Here's what this newest episode covers:
    Our Silver Anniversary Edition of the TGN Podcast is short a man as Jason is out hitting the free booze at a wedding reception and no doubt dancing the Hustle. Dre, Richard, and Stu soldier on in his absence and put out Episode #25 of the TGN Podcast. Enjoy !!

    TGN Podcast # 25: Dominos Bit*h

    03:10 - Exodus From The Earth Review
    08:28 - Developers Inventing New Strategies to Fight Used Game Sales
    13:40 - Gears of War 2 sells 2 Million opening weekend
    18:40 - Microsoft confirms plans to challenge Steam
    26:00 - FarCry 2 Sells Over ! Million Units
    27:24 - Thousands Banned from Xbox Live
    32:15 - Apple: DS, PSP Are " In the Past", iPhone Games are the future
    38:38 - Dialing Jason
    41:17 - Dominos
    42:57 - NXE - HDD Game Loading Has Its Benefits
    48:30 - More thought on Left 4 Dead Demo
    55:15 - Outtakes

    Be sure to listen to this podcast and stay tuned to the feed! Feel free to post your feedback in this thread. You can also post any suggestions or ideas for the podcast in this forum.

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    Re: TGN Podcast Episode #25 Released - Dominos Bit*h

    check out the podcast archive page here:


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      Re: TGN Podcast Episode #25 Released - Dominos Bit*h

      My only concern is that MS will force Games for Windows Live onto people through their operating systems and effectively force Steam and other digital distributors out of the picture. Not to mention we can expect that MS will want a cut....


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