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TGN Celebrates Two Years of Wii

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  • TGN Celebrates Two Years of Wii

    In celebration of the Wii, we at TGN have assemble our list of the top five games for the console. Over the next five days we will be posting a review for each; check it out, it will be fun. The first game we will be taking a look at is Super Paper Mario:
    How do you keep a series fresh? This has been a question asked by many developers over the years as they release multiple, and nearly identical, titles. To answer this question, Nintendo has taken their Paper Mario series and thrown everything you thought you knew into the recycling bin. If you did not already know, Mario is now accessible in three dimensions while retaining his two dimensional form. Was this a risky decision? Of course. The real question is: Did it pay off?

    One thing that has always been lacking in a Mario game is a solid plot - Super Paper Mario defies the norm. As per usual, the game starts with Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach, this time forcing her to marry him. Interrupting the absolutely beautiful wedding is a new villain named Count Bleck who kidnaps the Princess, Bowser, and Luigi. The three are then separated and each live alone throughout the world.

    The full review can be found here. Feel free to leave your thoughts in this thread.