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TGN Podcast Episode #23 Released - O'Canada

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  • TGN Podcast Episode #23 Released - O'Canada

    The latest episode of the Total Gaming Network Podcast has been released today. Here's what this newest episode covers:
    Let's see... something witty to say, something witty goes here... hmm.

    Nope, got nothin'. Just sit back and enjoy episode #23 of the TGN Podcast. This week we have the TGN Podcast crew plus a whole gaggle of admins: THQp, Manzi, and CaptainKirk joined us for a sit down and chat. It's about as focused as a 10-year old in a toy factory, but it's entertaining - and that's what it's all aboot, er about.

    TGN Podcast #23: O'Canada

    04:20 - TGN's Timeline For The Legend of Zelda
    09:21 - Amazon Expanding Into PC Digital Distribution
    11:57 - Max Payne Movie Tops at Box-office
    17:57 - Age of Conan Combat System Being Reworked
    22:12 - Knights of the Old Republic MMO Announced
    27:37 - 20 Free Rock Band 2 Tracks Revealed
    31:53 - Kirk loves Star Trek, WTF was that?
    37:00 - Nintendo's All-Stars: Pikmin
    46:57 - Sony Considering Real World Rewards for Trophies
    51:00 - Microsoft Says that the 360 Will Win This Holiday Season
    58:30 - Outtakes

    Be sure to listen to this podcast and stay tuned to the feed! Feel free to post your feedback in this thread. You can also post any suggestions or ideas for the podcast in this forum.

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    Re: TGN Podcast Episode #23 Released - O'Canada

    lol Kirk. You are really excited about that game, lol.


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      Re: TGN Podcast Episode #23 Released - O'Canada

      OMG. My surround sound system triggers on certain noises and a FearNet commercial came on... But yes, I do <3 STO.


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        Re: TGN Podcast Episode #23 Released - O'Canada

        ... Star Trek nerd off was .... yeah.