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A New Gaming Experience With Ageia

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  • A New Gaming Experience With Ageia

    Browsing through the Total Gaming Network, I'm sure many of you have seen the advertisements for the game Warmonger or the ads for the Ageia Extreme Physics Mod for UT3. But has anyone truly taken the time to try this game or mod out? If not, let me fill you guys in on what you're missing.

    Based around the Ageia PhysX hardware, Warmonger is a free downloadable game that does away with the old static gameplay of shooters and focuses on an always changing gameplay environment. Each level is completely destructible allowing for a variety of different areas of cover. Such a feature also to note is the physical presence of smoke and the ability to effectively use it as a means to mask yourself.

    Warmonger is built on the beautiful Unreal Engine 3 and is highly based around new physics technology. To learn all about the game you can visit the website here. If you'd like to check out some screenshots and videos from the game, visit here. To download the game, click on the image below:

    Next up we have the Ageia Extreme Physics Mod for UT3. Much like Warmonger, this mod pack allows UT3 players to experience brand new gameplay that is greatly impacted by the destructible environments. The pack features a tornado that destroys anything in its path and a new weapon that lets you control the physics by manipulating debris. To learn all about this mod pack, you can visit the website here. To download the mod, click on the image below:

    Think this all sounds really cool but don't have a PhysX card? Well get one! The biggest complaint about physics cards in the past were that they were overpriced and not worth the extra money. Well the prices have heavily gone down and you can purchase a PhysX card now for the price of $99.99. A great place to get this offer is through the very popular online site Newegg. For other locations on where to buy this card, visit here. Curious as to what other games take advantage of the PhysX card? To see a list of the current games that do and upcoming titles that will, visit here.

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    now i just need a card and a pc that can run it.


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      I am aware of the PhysX cards, but they don't support any of the games that people actually play.
      Look at TGN, the only of "our" games that they support is UT3, and that is probably the crowd that cares the least about eye candy and the most about high FPS.

      If they supported Battlefield I might have bought it years ago.