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Battle For Europe: Call Of Duty 4 Registration Open

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  • Battle For Europe: Call Of Duty 4 Registration Open

    The Battle For Europe: Call Of Duty 4 tournament, a MyInternetServices tournament, has officially opened registration for their first campaign. Take a look:
    "Battle For Europe" has just opened registration for the first Call of Duty 4 campaign! Hurry now and join in on the fun, the first battle is just around the corner soldier!

    About "Battle For Europe"
    Battle For Europe is a campaign style tournament for Call Of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. Upon registration players will be randomly assigned to one of 2 regiments as a private for the coalition or opposition forces; and from there one of eight unique companies. The simulated war is fought out week by week over titanic 12 hour battles every Wednesday and Saturday for Call of Duty 4, with Call of Duty 2 being fought on Sundays for 8 hours. A campaign of fighting lasts between 6 and 8 weeks, at the end of which a new campaign starts with new regiments and new officers!

    A map shows the progress of the two armies as they fight for control of Europe and the Middle East, territories changing hands as victories are secured! Players can earn promotions and medals for deeds of valor both on and off the battlefield, starting off as a private and working their way up the NCO ranks. Officers commissions are issued at the start of the campaign so players can serve as officers, devising battlefield strategies and leading their men to victory!

    To learn all about this great tournament be sure to stop by their website.

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    maybe i should put a rush on picking up CoD4, sounds fun