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European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

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  • European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

    The EBC Tournament staff are proud to announce Campaign 4 of their tournament. This tournament is aimed at European Battlefield 2 players that are looking to play on an organized and teamwork level. Check out what the staff had to say about Campaign 4 below:

    The BF2 tournament, European Battlefield Command (EBC), is now recruiting for Campaign 4. EBC is aimed at European BF2 players who want to play and experience BF2 on an organised and teamwork oriented level. If you’re sick & tired of the standard public playing in BF2 or you’re just looking for something new and different, this is the tournament for you.

    Some quick information about EBC:

    • This Campaign sees the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces [UKAF] face the new threat of the Russian 15th Siberian Guards [15SG]

    • The Campaign will run from July 15th 2006 for several weeks with massive 30 vs. 30 battles every Saturday from 6PM to 9PM, UK time.

    • Once you have picked or been assigned to a team you can then start practicing and playing with your fellow gamers. Meet up daily or weekly on our Teamspeak server and either practice, plan strategy or just play & chat together

    • Teams (called Divisions in EBC) will follow the real military ranking scheme where applicable with ranks and awards being given out by your commanding officers

    • This campaign will feature no standard BF2 maps! 7 carefully selected, modified and rigorously tested custom maps will be played instead, giving everyone the chance to fight it out on all new battlefields!

    • After 3 campaigns with standard BF2, EBC will be using a minimod created especially by and for EBC in this campaign. The mod will change some weapons around and introduce new weapons & vehicles such as the Little Bird and Gazelle helicopters.

    • EBC is committed to providing the best possible teamwork and action packed environment by organising all soldiers into squads with objectives and where teamwork is essential to win. Commander assets such as Scan & Vehicle Drop are completely removed and Artillery on city maps is removed to enhance the gameplay and provide more strategy and finesse.

    • This tournament is completely 100% free and is funded by donations only.

    To sign up for this great tournament, please click here. I would also like to add that this campaign to dedicated to IZZ, a much-liked player who recently passed away.

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    Re: European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

    Wow sounds like alot of fun!
    Going to sign up


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      Re: European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

      Hmm sounds like fun!


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        Re: European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

        Signed Up
        My 1st Tourney! Yay Me


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          Re: European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

          this is one of those really cool tournaments..i played in one b4 and it was pretty fun (minus all the boring practices on the same maps) but its a good experience for teamwork and u learn alot of great stuff


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            Re: European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

            I play in this tournament since it started. Really nice place to be. Free to do whatever you want. Practices are hold about 3 times a week, but you can visit as many as you want and can.

            When there is nothing to do, there are always people playing public together. Good fun to form a squad together and show some true teamplay on a pubbie server. Ofcourse all with TeamSpeak.

            Currently I am 1Lt in the Aksai Infantry Company on the opposition (15SG) side. If you love to play infantry and are quite a diehard infantry player or willing to become one, join me. We hold advanced practices to train our infantry as well every Friday.

            Second to that we got a great AirForce which is especially looking for good helicopter pilots. Besides that we got a SpecOps, Airborn and Armor company which are all lead by experience tournament CO's.

            Simple advice, join 15SG .


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              Re: European Battlefield Command Campaign 4 Starts

              So.............Is EBC a subsidiary of Totalbf2 or is making campaign startups into General BF2 News instead of a post in the recruiting forum a perk of the staff here?

              Just wondering, mostly!

              Good luck with the tourney and have fun guys!

              Winter Lion