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Anyone seen the BBC Movie "Bravo 2-0"?

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    Re: Anyone seen the BBC Movie "Bravo 2-0"?

    the best war movie is called "Iron Cross" it play on the east front in 1944.
    awsome flick.


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      Re: Anyone seen the BBC Movie "Bravo 2-0"?

      Originally posted by cemmyz
      Have to agree with taking it for a whole bucket of salt (and a liberal sprinkling of cheese!! ) after Ashers' 'Real Bravo Two Zero' - Not a single empty case or shred of evidence of an actual contact!!

      One thing that gets me is this man asher goes into iraq while saddam is in powers and questions people and they tell him nothing happened, If this is so why did people die namely the S.A.S boys having said that there was some conflicting storys between mcnabb and ryan oh to sell a book. I know from personal experiance that things like this do happen and that the British army are under equipped that part of the story is true they didnt get what they needed to do the job properly. Asher investigated and talked to republican guard ion the border with syria , that part of his documentry made me laugh there not going to tell him oh yes the sas came here shot us up and we caught a few took them to baghdad and tortured them ,what was he expecting he goes into a country run by a dictator and starts asking questions the veil falls and he gets codswollop.

      One thing i always did find amazing was the fact the tacbes never worked i have used these in the past and its true the British armys tacbes are a bunch of rubbish. The film Bravo Two Zero is a great reinactment but still a little way of the truth of the matter that happened i think this is a story you either belive or dont either way its gone down in folklore in the British army .
      True, but for the most part Asher was talking to Beduins who were there, and have no loyalty to anyone and have no reason to lie about what happened.


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        Re: Anyone seen the BBC Movie "Bravo 2-0"?

        Originally posted by PrayingHands
        Bravo 2-0 is a great movie made by the BBC about a special forces unit on a mission in Iraq during the "desert storm" war. The movie is better than most hollywood type flicks like this because the attention to detail.

        My favorite part of the movie was the british SF squad(call sign: Bravo 2-0) attacking a force at least 3 times larger with an APC. Fantastic scene, and the tactic they employed made sense when facing overwhelming odds. I won't spoil any of it for those that haven't seen it.

        Recommended(netflix has it).

        A great[but very long] WW2 German U-boat movie is "Das Boot"(The boat). This movie is as much a history lesson as movie. Fantastic detail, and one of the movies that pioneered "Steady-Cam" uncut long shots. Many shots moving from one end of the U-boat to the other uncut through the hatches. I recommend watching it in German with english Subs.
        McNab is a f00kin liar.


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          Re: Anyone seen the BBC Movie "Bravo 2-0"?

          Originally posted by Jade Falcon
          We Were Soldiers also seemed like a decent one, I'll have to read the book it was based on.

          Anyone from the UK remember a two part series that was shown in the 90's. Now it might have been shown in the US but I doubt it. It was called "Warriors", showing a British unit attached to the UN Peacekeeping mission in the Balkans, and basically how screwed up that whole thing was. I'm not sure if it was an ITV or BBC production.
          Warriors was an intensely powerful piece of tv which as you quite rightly described was about the total farcical role of the U.N in the balkans.
          The one scene i'll never forget is when the british soldiers found a truck load of dead civilians and it was enough to push one of the soldiers too far.
          I'm sure this was a bbc production and is better than most hollywood big budget films.


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            Re: Anyone seen the BBC Movie "Bravo 2-0"?

            Another one about B20 is Soldier Five, It's pretty good, I've got a signed copy.