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Captiva Productions - Stuntmen Arena Trailer!

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    Re: Stuntmen Arena Released!

    Whoa, Whoa. I watched it all and it was terrific. The stunts, story went together well! I laughed so hard when I watched the cratesurfing! I dont want to ruin all the rest. But this is one of the best bf2 movies I've seen! Congrats on this I hope you get many downloads because it is awsome!(Just wondering if you could tell me which stunt took 309 tries to accomplish??)


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      Re: Captiva Productions - Stuntmen Arena Trailer!

      nice movie, Sony Vegas is the best for movie making. Good job!
      but why when add more effects in picture is has been more cubic. when you fly with JET upside under bridge in Zatar Watlands map? render something not compressing

      Very well, nice work


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        Re: Captiva Productions - Stuntmen Arena Trailer!

        As Captiva proves today, you can never have enough credits LOL!
        So much credits I think you actually costing people download time and file size. Not only that but you showed the stunts twice over in the credits plus many more times in the film.
        Jeez though, glad I got that out of the way.

        I'm amazed you trying to fit a story in a stunt show with that game show feel, worked out rather well! But for me initial "slap in the face" power was just blown out like a match after I saw all those jets and heli (wonderfully synced btw) fly off.

        I think I would know Captiva now for his playful editing techniques, which some editors may dare not to tread on the vividness, I congratulate for original and inventive use, even if you did over credit yourself.
        Hotcakes didn't have such a vital role in effects as I thought it was going to be. If anything stands out for the content: Audio mastering needs more work, I noticed the cool surround control over the voices with the camera placement. Didn't work with the music.

        Since I'm a relatively new, yet a seasoned stunter to the BF2 world, I can't say some of those stunts just blow away everything that's ever been done in BF2. Maybe a flaw of the hype that the "exclusives", "great clans, great feedback" and trailer weren’t taking in to account the stunt enthusiast. But many stunts really caught my eye in inventiveness and capture.
        I say no more about this.

        All in all, a very good watch with a touch comedic element, the box surfing being the most memorable, which is co-ordinately placed at the end I know, but there are things above most reasons for this I feel.
        Dotted with the occasional helpful hinter (sometimes unmeaningful) which really was on "occasion" as some stunt wern't named! a bit like opening then leaving with the door open.
        However, you even managed to contain a few surprises in the mix for which I am very impressed. It certainly is very well collaborated with teamwork and effort shinning out everywhere!

        P.S. I nominate the heli boomerang for being the most attempted stunt.


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          Re: Captiva Productions - Stuntmen Arena Trailer!

          Xalias I second that, the boomerang stunt blew me away.


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            Re: Captiva Productions - Stuntmen Arena Trailer!

            I just finished watching the movie. Alot of the stunts were very good. However that whole first part can definately be cut out and then render it to a higher quality and you'd have the same file size. All and all not what I expected but you still made a badass stunt movie. Nice job bro.


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              Re: Captiva Productions - Stuntmen Arena Trailer!

              Just when i thought i've seen it all, and the only direction left to invent new stunts is growing in numbers, you surprised me with me with many amazing tricks, like the 'planelob', crate surfing, the heli boomerang etc.

              Somehow i think the Kubra stunt with 2 F-18's and the cobra performing the loop into the 'tank tunnel', the cobra meant to fly into the tunnel between both of the planes, but it came in just behind the second plane. Hm... you would have to slow down the jets. It was spectacular nontheless.

              You also did a great job in making the game look different, even more real using the different filters. I can't say i was distracted by the special effects, no they really added to the show.

              Including a story and and voice into your movie was also a good idea. Voice artists are scarce in the moviemaking scene, though using speech makes movies far more entertaining and appealing.

              This movie is definitively one of the best BF2 movies ever made.