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  • Joystick settings; List yours


    Wanted to try out joystick settings for yaw and pitch and such that others are using for Heli. I know, I know, don't use joystick use mouse and keyboard, blah, blah, blah... *grin* I have played a few Heli sims and love the joystick I have especially for Longbow (I know and Old Game) and don't see any reason I should not have close to the same feel in BF2. I am able to control the Blackhawk with my setup but the attack copters I can not keep them from flipping or oversteering no matter what combo of values I set.

    SO. Just wanted folks who fly with sticks to post the settings they have for yaw and pitch and sensitivity to this thread, please. Please save your joystick bashing for some other thread where someone is not sure of what path they want to tread. I have made up my mind to take on whatever pain and suffering is in store for me. Building Character and all that.

    Regards to you all,


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    Re: Joystick settings; List yours

    i have my microsoft sidewinder precision 2 on default setting
    always makesure they are normal and i calibrate it weekly
    i never touch sensitivity setting inside games because they always mess up

    you say you keeps on tipping over with pitch problem
    the biggest concern i have here is whether or not you calibrate your stick frequently to makesure it didn't reset itself to some random values

    if you did i guess its just the flight characteristics of BF2
    its totally unrealistic, but its good enough for a game that focus on so many things