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  • hello

    this is for bf2 sf ok in some maps like in buildings or on them or around a few buildings ill catch a hard lag causes me to get kileld some times

    i have a 2.10ghz amd athlon xp 3000
    1.50gig dual channel memory
    leadtek 6800 le card 128mb of ram settings are set to medium

    this dont happen in reg bf2 anything i can do

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    Re: hello

    Try posting in the "support" section. They'll probably help you more there. You have all updated drivers (i.e. chipset, video, etc. drivers)? Also, list full system specs.


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      Re: hello

      well first, you dont have 1.5gb of dual channel memory, it proabbaly SUPPORTS it, but trust me, you are not in dual channel. You have 128mb of video memory and a vanilla 6800. and a athlon xp. My best guess is this is just normal FPS droppage and you are going to have to get used to it, it's the way BF2 does things.


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        Re: hello

        yes all drivers are updated video car everything

        never done this before sometimes does it more thano thers im just tryin to figure out if tehre is some adjustments i can do only does it on couple of maps warlord is one of them other maps it dont happen

        an really this is the first time its ever happend and it nver did happen in reg BF2 just that map on SF

        sys specs
        amd athlon xp 3000 2.10ghz
        1.5 gig dual channel kingston 3200
        leadtek 6800le 128
        1 200 gig hd 1 80 gig hd maxtor both 8mb cache
        kt880 2 dragon soyo mb
        audigy gamer zs2 7.1 sound car 24bit
        win xp media edition


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          Re: hello

          Moved to support


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            Re: hello

            i have a Athlon 2800 XP OCed to 2.2 GHZ and 1GB of ram, and a 128MB 5900XT.....30FPS is all i get.

            Now you can combat this by making sure that BF2 is the only thing taking up ram other than the nessasary tasks

            \My specs below