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  • The Complete BF2 Movie Index

    Hi and welcome to your Battlefield 2 Movie Index. In this thread you will be able to find all the active BF2 player made movies and much more.

    W/C 04/10/05 ** 15 Movies Added This Week**

    [smilie=1]Coming Soon![/smilie]
    I will soon be adding a section for all trailers & previews of the feature length BF2 movies which are currently in the making.

    Please notify me of any dead links you find.
    I will look for a new link or remove the dead link.

    If you are looking for a movie and you know it's name.
    Press CTRL-F and type the word in the box to search the page.

    E.G. Press CTRL-F and type in "mine" to find the movie of that name.

    The BF2 Movie Index

    Official BF2 Movies

    EA Video Page by EA Games
    Some good video clips here. Check out 'Missile through Chopper'.

    Special Forces Footage by EA Games
    This video shows you some of the added features such as tear gas and the zipline.

    Official Press BF2 Movies

    Gulf of Oman Press Build by PC Gameplay 9m/111mb
    A game play movie with excellent sound featuring single player and bots.

    BF Con05 by king0rism 2m/68mb
    This high-res Chinese trailer looks awesome.

    Player/Clan Made Movies


    Alpha9 Map Pack by -=GOs Murder=- 2m/23mb
    Very cool looking new maps. Details included.


    3Viators V2.0 by Simon Captiva 17m/257mb
    Very Impressive Movie. Great stunts and well made movie. Thanks I really loved it.

    Greatest Stunt Video by xds.pilote 4.5m/67mb
    Some breath-taking flying stunts.

    Speed and Altitude by Macktheknife 4m/32mb
    Another great stunt flying movie. I liked the upside down loops.

    Karma Stunts by Karma Clan 6m/56mb

    Karma Stunts 2 by Karma Clan 7m/131mb
    Unbelievable. Thanks Karma Clan for blowing my mind!!

    Ya Raya by Snoken m/34mb
    En film med ett par coola stunts.

    The biggest and the best by Snoken 3m/22mb

    A very very short pointless video... by Anon 3m @
    Some skydiving, flying and driving into people.

    Perfect Roll by ElekTriX <1m/<1mb
    The best movie per mb I have ever seen!!

    Not so Perfect Roll by ElekTriX <1m/1mb

    Base Jumping by ElekTriX <1m/4mb

    *NEW*Float On by Swanston 9m/88mb
    'You may have to watch it more than once to fully understand what was going on, that doesn't mean it has a bad FPS, it's just because it's played differently, and you will see what I mean when you watch it'

    *NEW*Up Side Down by Tardif 5m/52mb
    'My 3rd and last breath taking plane stunt video is now ready to be downloaded'


    Fun with Explosives by Elder Wolves Clan 5m/35mb
    Click Click Boom

    SED C4 by =SED= 2m @
    Some very good C4 jumps and a back flip

    TCO Stunts by Triforce Crazy Ops 8m/69mb
    How many APCs can you jump with a tank? Monster tank annihilation.

    Rage Stunts by WolfeR 8m/108mb
    This is a stunt video made by WolfeR.

    Short Cool Video by Anon 1m @
    Nice C4 kill. Very impressive.

    Friday Night Stunts by Sir. BOBSONATOR 1m/17mb

    *NEW*C4 Video - Hillarious by ShawnSum 1m @
    'Was good, however I wished it was a little longer'

    *NEW*Launches by Sir.SNiperAlo 3.5m/40mb
    'it involves vehicle launches only, and that includes, jeeps, humvees, blackhawks, APC's, and linebackers'


    V3 Trailer by V3 (Vendi, Vidi, Vici) 4m/50mb
    A great little BF2 movie depicting a special ops team attacking a piece of artillery. Very well filmed.

    Game On Soldiers by Muderist 4m/52mb
    'Great video, terrible music' I really enjoyed this one.

    G3 Force by G3FORCE 4m/24mb
    Lots of pistol killing and some sniping to some kick ass music

    PAYback by C22 Clan 3m/26mb
    'Impressive. Slow-mo with C4 was unique'

    Bait by civx+guts 1m/28mb
    See what happens when a tank becomes bait.

    Bored by Swanston 5m/44mb
    'It's got decent action and stunt footage, with music from a really kick as$ movie.'

    Dude Squad by Kumbula 2m @
    Very good.

    Snatch the Base Pt1 by The Hungarian Battlefield 2 Community 4.5m/126mb
    'Best video ive seen so far.'

    Sniping by PhiliusX6 2m/12mb
    My second BF2 video ( It has sniping in it! )

    MacktheKnife4 by thR-MackTheKnife3.5m/45mb
    It's basically me running around a few infantry maps, or sniping, and one bit with a hummer.

    Humvee Movie by WolfeR 1.5m @
    A rocket can't come much closer to missing than this.

    Revive & Own by evogre3n <1m/4mb
    'Here is some healing action, followed by 2 kills of some smacktards who cant aim, and probably complain about how its innacurate lmfao (total ownage shot)

    VSF Gamers by =VSF= 5m/35mb
    ' Good Vid, You just made my lunch break'

    War in Iraq by Nathan Skar 7m/45mb
    Epic movie of battle for Karland with Air support. Must see!

    Hoodlumn Strikes Again by Hoodlumn 7m/45mb
    'This is a Montage of Me in battlefield 2. A Infantry Montage that is, No Vehicle driving in this one.'

    Trailer for 'The Objective' by 1.5m/28mb
    Trailer for the up and coming movie 'The Objective'.

    My 1st Heli Video by Zerstorer23 2m @
    'this was all during a real match, and I felt like having some fun with the copter'

    SSE Squad Movies by SSE Squad
    2 Movies here for download.

    *NEW*Battleboom by DaOarge m/mb
    'shows some Online Action/Gameplay with some good Music-Timings'

    *NEW*Knifing Rampage! by <<R2>>Capt.HKS
    If you like knifing people I'm sure you will like it and it may inspire you to go on a knifing rampage yourself!

    *NEW*Karkland by Kelduum & 22nd-Reg 4m/84mb
    A well filmed movie with a solid storyline. Worth checking out.

    *NEW*Clean Sweep by Luke Pearson 2.5m/52mb
    "I have made this film on the 'Clean Sweep' map in the hot new war game, "Battlefield 2", I am very pleased with my latest video as I feel I have developed my editing techniques and made a very enjoyable piece of entertainment."

    *NEW*Assailant by Daniel Stang & Jesse Ke 7m/40mb
    "Assailant, our first BF2 movie. Two special forces soldiers are pitted to fight against eachother."

    *NEW*Assault On Ocel Cekca Keyes by KeyElite <2m/36mb
    An absolutely excellent BF2 mini-movie.


    How not to be seen! by [-A-]Washburn 4m/46mb
    It is a remake of Monty Python's comedic sketch "How not to be seen". It runs for about 4 minutes and is really something completely different from the average BF2 movie. Well worth the watch.

    Move your feet by #Skreck 4m/32mb
    'AWESOME according to DICE!'

    Freedom isn't Free by Smiley_ie 3m/79mb
    Awesome! Music and Sound Effects from Team America

    Take a Bath! by Ferdi <1m @
    Beautiful looking helicopter flight and skydive

    THE MAGICAL PISTOL! by Fu11force 1.5m @
    Marvel in wonder at its amazing power!

    Mine by Snoken Productions 12m/156mb
    This movie blends the feeling of Battlefield 2 with sketches and funny clips from Finding Nemo, Monthy Python in the BF2 engine..

    Battlfield Double Dash!! by Snoken m/52mb
    En Mario-inspirerad bf2-film.

    People of BF2 by 2.5m @
    Very funny and oh so true.

    People of BF2 - Bonus by 4.5m @
    **Adult Launguage**

    Secret Weapon by Dr.Scurvy 3m/24mb
    Brilliant! Very funny and great song from Team America.

    Cannon Fodder by BLAKE7 6m/70mb
    It features plenty of explosions with bodies achieving big air and the odd stunt.


    Ambush at Mashtuur by Keyelite with the help of clan SsE 1.5m/55mb
    This sequel video to Assault On Ocel Cekca Keyes brings more of the same fast paced action of the original. A bit short but spectacular nonetheless.

    *NEW*I Wait For You There by Mormon ComputerZ 14m/401mb
    'I'd like to present to the TotalBF2 Community the video, "I Wait For You There". All footage was taken from live ingame Battlefield 2 Recordings of the September 22nd Scrimmage games between =HIT= and Hellsfury.'


    An Unamed Movie by Mr Gooch 2.5m/19mb
    'Short but entertaining (I hope). I think I did a damn good job for having only 2 cast members, and did all the filming & editing in just a few hours'

    Sky Diving Nick by Anon 2.5m/15.7mb at
    Rated 4.7/10 on 11/09/05

    Dancing by Quasimodo <1m
    Just some guy dancing. Makes some people laugh. =)

    God of Sniping by
    The M95 in your dreams...

    High Noon by Merca 1m/30mb
    'Greatly done, but just when I was waiting for the action to take place, the music faded and the video ended. You sure do have potential. I certainly hope that you will make a longer video with more action or a script!'

    Short Plane Movie by ScarySquirrel 2m/10mb

    Vehicles of the USMC by Lu0s3r322 1.5m @

    Strike by Discoking 3m/11mb
    How to get on the secret rooftops at Karkland.

    Matricks First Test by DarkShot 1.5m @ ZippyVideos
    'bare in mind this is just a test and the final product will look much nicer and have a plot with the hud off etc'

    *NEW*Good Ole Boys by Flynt 2m @
    A bit random...


    Apache Gattling Gun 3m @
    This is a very well put together compilation of many different video clips of training videos of the Apache Gattling Gun. Unbelievable the amount of power this gun has.

    The n00b Helicopter Pilot 1.5m @
    Helicopter crashes during take-off in a populated area.

    *NEW*Heli Crash Landing <1m @
    Helicopter Crashes whilst landing/hovering

    *NEW*Heli Crashes onto Carrier <1m @
    Helicopter Crashes whilst landing on a carrier

    *NEW*2 Heli's Crash <1m @
    2 Helicopters crash into each other in flight. Scary!

    The End

    Thank you. I hope you enjoyed these movies. Please let me know if you have or know of a movie which isn't in the list and I will add it with the next update. If possible. please try and provide a brief description with your movie.

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    Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

    Nice one, there are some great videos in there


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      Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

      Cool cheers for sorting them out can fill my boredom and watch some vids


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        Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

        Am I the only one who finds it slightly funny that it's called the Complete Index but it's WIP. Lol.

        Anways, heres my video.

        There is a thread just below.


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          Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

          Ambush at Mashtuur city would go under artsy or something

          Whoops, almost forgot;45286


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            Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)


            after getting a taste of Karmas stunts..I WANT MORE BF2 VIDEOS !!!


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              Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

              good idea mate,

              heres mine,





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                Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

                Thanks. Keep em coming. I will spend a couple of hours later looking for more and adding them to the list.


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                  Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

                  Nice job Doughy.


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                    Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

                    nice one mate, but you forgot quite possibly the greatest video known to man...


                    THE MAGICAL PISTOL!

                    Marvel in wonder at its amazing power!

                    Section: Funny


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                      Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)



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                        Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

                        Nice idea, just try to keep it updated

                        Btw, you added the Karma Stunts 1 but you forgot the Karma Stunts 2 -


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                          Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

                          We recently released a movie that has become a real succes. DICE told me that the whole office laughed when they saw it. Thought u guys here could take a look at it and tell me if its any good.

                          Mine 156 mb 12:05 min Comedy

                          I also have a couple of older movies u can see.

                          Ya Raya - Stunt

                          Battlfield Double Dash!! - Comedy

                          The biggest and the best - Stunt


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                            Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)



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                              Re: The Complete BF2 Movie Index (WIP)

                              Originally posted by Pr0dIgY.pT
                              Nice idea, just try to keep it updated

                              Btw, you added the Karma Stunts 1 but you forgot the Karma Stunts 2 -
                              I just watched that..... **** THE BED!!!

                              I really don't know what to say......WOW!

                              Good Job!