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Pure Water...LOL

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  • Pure Water...LOL

    Before anyone jumps my post, I have looked at well over 50 posts on the subject of water. So please read my post and see if you can help...

    They tell me to use water folder, water.con, sky.con, envmaps folder from another map to get good looking water.

    I have done all that and I still get DARK water, not clear.

    So, I looked at more posts on other forums too and came up with add lightmaps folder also...

    I did that and VOILA...I get great looking clear water BUT I also have shadows all over my map that don't belong there.


    Which part(s) of lighting makes for shadows. I went in and changed settings on lights, name it, by hand and I can not get rid of the shadows.
    I even went as far as deleting dds files in lightmaps by group (x03, x04 dds) and that didn't help. I eventually just ended up with dark water again.

    So what am I missing to make water look great?

    Please, only serious answers and not, did ya look here or here or even over there....I HAVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE

    LOL, thanks if you can help!!!

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    Re: Pure Water...LOL

    you copied the lightmaps folder from another map...
    if so those shadows are cast from the terrain from the map you copied it from and not your terrain. all i would suggest is you compile the lightmaps again?..
    (7th post down)
    hope it helps.


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      Re: Pure Water...LOL

      Ok, did what you said...terrain didn't change.

      Went back and tried again and it said it failed.

      Good thing I back up my maps.

      I tried generating lightmaps on another copy and it too failed. Do I need all buildings, vegetation, etc...before I compile?


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        Re: Pure Water...LOL

        have you tried a final lightmap?? It could work....


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          Re: Pure Water...LOL

          I would do that but map not ready for finalization.

          Just wanted nice looking water...LOL