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  • Battlerecorder!

    Every BattleRecorder server that I have joined never work. I mean back in the demo they worked, but now like I get the file and I see it there I go to click download and I get different error for each one, but none let me download.

    1.The server has refused to send file.
    2.Failed to find file on the server.
    3.Failed looking up the hostname.

    I get those three different errors depending on which one I try to dl. ANY HELP WOULD BE AWESOME.

    THNX guys, I hope I didn't post this in the wrong spot!

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    I've only gotten a couple to work myself.

    What I did...

    When the round ends stay connected to the server.

    After the next map loads before you choose a kit and spawn into the game press ESC.

    Go to the community tab and download the last round. Stay at the menu until it is fully downloaded.

    If it gives you the same errors about not able to find file or whatever even though the round just got over... the BR is probably jacked and screwed up on that server.


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      The reason why you cant download it is that the server admin has not set up the sever correctly, the server has not placed the file in the correct folder


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        Re: Battlerecorder Problem

        when itried to download the battlerecorder files, it always says sever refused to send file and after awhile, the file disappeared. Any advice on how to retrieve the files?