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Who has the cooler weapons?

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    I don't like the stock weapons much for either side.

    The Upgrade weapons always look cooler.


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      My favorite weapon in the game is the Krylov.

      I'm a KryLOVER :laugh:


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        I love the Best Buy EU gun. Even thought I dont have it, I like to kill the man in a server and take his gun...not tk him tho but if hes on my team waiting for a revive ill take his kit and revive him and I got his gun. Before then I like the Krylov.


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          I assume your talking pure asthetics, as in looks.

          With that I have to go....

          Sniper: Morretti looks cooler

          AR: Krylov looks way better.

          Rocket (Laucher): Mitchell, though for the actual rocket the PAC looks better.

          SMG: I like the PAC SMG better, it looks like a decendant of the P90.

          LMG: Shuko, the Bianchi looks downright ugly.

          Pistol: The Takao feels and sounds better, but in terms of looks you can't beat a Trigun-looking revolver.

          So overall the PAC looks more futuristic & hi-tech then the EU to me, and thus looks cooler.


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            The EU weapons and uniforms are much cooler looking. Although someone dropped the ball somewhere as PAC are blatantly flying the EU's gunship. I like the full face mask of the EU sniper which matches the fully enclosed PAC Gunship cockpit.