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Help with my video card!

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  • Help with my video card!

    Hello, I have a GeForce Fx 5200 graphics card which I know is unsupported. However, I have heard of many people who have been able to run bf2142 fine on lower settings without and troubles. I chose the lowest settings, and downloaded the latest drivers, but the game still doesn't work for me. I do get to play and there isn't lag at all, but after a few minutes into a map the game just closes. There is no error message, or any indication of why the game closed at all. Up until the time it closes I don't really run into any problems at all I'm confused about why my graphics card wouldn't work, since everything else in my computer should be fine even if it is pushing it. Maybe it is something else that is wrong, but I have no idea what it could be. Anyways, I have a 2.53 ghz hard drive, and 512 mb of RAM.

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    You mean you have a 2.5 ghz CPU... well anyways.

    Hmm... that is odd. So it just crashes without anything popping up? What game type are you playing? is it online? Does this occur in single player? Is it possible for you to switch in another video card to see if that is the problem?

    I'm just taking a shot in the dark but it could be attributed to your low amount of system RAM.


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      My other video card is the on board one that came with my computer, and it's a piece of crap. I have not tried playing on multiplayer yet because I just wanted to see if I could get the game working first. And maybe it is my ram, but I've never had any other game or program close like that on a regular basis without giving any notice.


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        That is a good point. I would first see if you can swap out your video card with a friend (or someone) see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't then your gonna have to start searching elsewhere.

        Its odd then you don't get any error messages at all... and that it crashes very often. I'll check google.


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          get more ram cuz i also have a unsupported crad (ATI Xpress 200 Series) but with 1 gig of ram


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            The question is though, can just having 512 mb of RAM really lead to the game crashing like that? Because wouldn't the game lag at least a little bit before it crashed if not having enough ram was the problem?


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              It possible but doesn't seem likely. If it were the amount of RAM, you would be getting XP error messages about how your system does not have enough virtual RAM.