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I hate weekends...

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  • I hate weekends...

    Oh how I hate the weekends.. It's when all the hack using little script kiddie idiots come out to play because they don't have to go to sleep early for school. I hate being sniped from a mile away by someone I can't see other than them being spotted on the radar by someone else far further than the draw distance (mine is set to 100%). I hate people that have the rdx/bunny hop whoring technique macro'd... I hate being one hit killed by some idiot with a voss when I've pumped him twice, point blank with a shotgun, while he is prone. I hate being out sniped by someone with a Voss when we are a mile apart and they're difficult enough to hit with a Zeller at maximum zoom (with the unlock).

    I also hate the idiots that crash transport ships as I spawn into it. I hate podding onto enemy transport ships only to bounce off and land on the ground with nothing around me all while their ship sustains no damage. I hate apm's that register as friendly only to blow up when I go past them. Same goes for motion mines, that only start chasing me after I drive past them (they don't even float or anything as I approach them?). I hate being killed by someone's rdx when they are nowhere near me to even place the rdx...

    During the weekends, barely any of this happens, it's all on the weekends. I think I'm going to just stop playing on the weekends and play something else, like Halo or NFS or something. It seems to defy all logic that the majority of these hacks can be quite easily found with a simple Google search, yet EA, DICE, Pb, etc.. can't seem to do anything about them. Oh, I also hate winning three rounds in a row, me being one of the top 3 on my team, then all the sudden in the next round, our entire team just sucks so bad that the other team kills us left and right like we've only been playing for a day...

    /end rant.. I guess... :salute:

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    Here is some advice, find a good server to play on and only play on that server during the weekends. Or maybe they are just better than you.

    Also, playing Halo would be worse, I used to play it and it's mostly kids, 10-14 yrs old. That's why i quit.


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      Just scurry off the to NfB servers. They always have at least 2 admins or so and keep things hacker free.


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        I know there must be hackers out there since so many people talk about them so often here.

        I guess i just have to thank my parent's for living in europe (or thank my good luck) since in the ~200 hours of BF2 and 2142 i have only once met i guy that i suspected of hacking.

        Hope it stays this way.


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          I hate playin on weekends too. This weekend confirmed it.

          Friday and Saturday no good servers for me, and the servers i joined either i crashed or i was on the team what got raped.

          Today, my servers(FoB) started to pop up. I joined, first thing i ran into is glitcher. I play to the end of the round, since there was few tickets left. Next round starts up and takes while but the same dude glitching again.

          After disconnect i remember that the server has Battlerecorder. I watch that and see that the glitcher APC podded all over the map at the round start. Then after a while he pods to roof on PAC base and when he lands he somehow just falls through the roof. So there he is inside a wall at PAC base. Isn't that just great?

          So after few min of cursing and bangin my head to my keyboard and asking why this happens to me.

          I join another FoB server. Round is about halfway through, im in EU side we have only our base left. I spawn and run to the skyscaper ladders. Me and 2 other guys get's mowed down. I tought, maybe someone sneaked behind us. So i spawn again and knife few recon guys who's cloaked. Then i take damage again. I tought WTF where is he. I run to the main street and notice nades flying from inside the building and i get mowed down again. Glitchers once again.. I disconnect and join NS server, and finally play two rounds before i get bored and quit.

          Gamewise my weekend has been full of :censored::wall::cussing:

          Why does this a$$holes come out from their holes and mess up the gameplay for me and others? Why they just can't stay in that hole/barrel and let the rest of us enjoy the game?