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  • Pistolling advice

    I'm going for Pistol Badge Gold, 18 IAR, 300 total, any tips?

    PS, thanks Fin for unwillingly helping =D

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    Originally posted by TheDesert_Fox
    I'm going for Pistol Badge Gold, 18 IAR, 300 total, any tips?
    My two tips are the rather usual ones :

    First, be ready to dedicate a round to it. Treat it like a knife, try to sneak behind enemy lines and work from that position. Two precise shots to the head will suffice within 15m for the EU pistol, and 14m for the PAC sidearm. From outside that range, many more will be required and engagement is not recommended under those conditions. The pistol is deceptively powerful at point blank, and absolutely devastating if a shot lands to the head in close. Strike quickly and precisely and you'll have great success.

    Second, pair it with a Zeller (Yes, the Zeller is rubbish compared to the stock rifles, but the increased damage cuts down on the damage required by the finish) and work as an offensive marksman (as opposed to a pure sniper in the concealed tradition). This means helping your team advance their lines, being in the thick of things, etc. The best way to leverage this is to use a one-two punch. A shot to the torso from the Zeller, a quick switch to the pistol, and then one or two shots to finish the job. The kill gets credited to the sidearm.

    Good hunting.

    (edit: also, "pistolling" is not a verb )


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      ROFL! I knew I recognized the name, but I couldn't tell if it was from FG or TBF2142 BTW, your welcome!

      I just played Recon with Ghost+Cloak on a 50 man server. Snuck behind them, and shot them in the head. I came out with a positive K/D Ratio too


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        Do a youtube search for Lyra's pistol gold recording.


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          This is what I did for the silver badge (don't have gold yet), and it worked quite well:

          It's very hard to bring down an enemy in a pistol vs. non-pistol duell from full heath. Therefore, you should look for enemies that are heavily wounded, so that you can finish 'em up with only one or two hits from the pistol conveniently.

          If there are no heavily wounded enemies around (which unfortunatly happens all the time ), you'll have to wound them yourself. Use your normal gun (shotgun or automatic) to do so. Resist the urge to kill. Keep in mind that you only want to soften 'em up and make 'em bleed (preferably < 20&#37; health).

          When heavily wounded the enemy will often try to escape and hide behind some cover. This gives you time to switch to pistol safely. Then go for him again and try to hunt him down. You still need luck to kill him, and your k/d ratio for the round will probably suck, but that doesn't matter. If you have a long round you may still score the 18 pistol kills.

          Personally I found that this tactic works best with the Support kit, the Clark shotgun and an IDS-1. The shotgun makes it easy to wound the enemy, but not kill him, and the IDS-1 makes it easy to find the wounded prey when it tries to hide.


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            this is the way i did it... Belgrade.. a great map for getting knifes and pistol badges.. people just shoot from the balconies and all you have to do is creep up on them.. anyway.. wait till late at night when most have gone to bed and find a server with as little as 10 players on it.. a 16 man server playing 32 man size maps with a 300 ticket ratio is good as well.. the game will last for ages giving you plenty of time to get it.. you will end up with a crap K/DR but a silver/gold badge lol...


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              20 people on 64 map Cerbere, and just stick to the knife 24/7.

              Thats all I did. I prefer the Takao, its far easier to use, but the revolver for the quicker closer range kills. Its a matter of luck too.


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                i got 18 pistol kills last night on port braviria titan lol. didnt get the gold though as i havent met the 300 kill requirement with the pistol yet

                like one of the chaps said in an earlier post. use it like a knife and aim for the head. works a treat